Thursday, February 18, 2010

Documentary of a 4 year old.

Today is Dawson's birthday. I didn't think I would be emotional for the year four. Why should I be emotional, I mean it's after 3 and before 5. There's nothing to it. But last night when I put him to bed I actually cried a little. Not enough to constitute a breakdown though. Just enough to show that I'm a little bummed about him growing up. I think that's a healthy dose of depression.
This morning I had to assure Dawson 3 times that he was really and truly 4 years old. He said, "but mommy, I'm not 3, I'm 4? Today I'm 4?" "Yes Dawson." (say that 3 more times in order for the whole scenario to have the full effect).
I've got to keep this one short because we're headed to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate as soon as Jason gets home from work. So I'll leave you with this story:
I bought cupcakes for Dawson to take with him to school today. When we were ready to leave, he ran downstairs, grabbed the container of cupcakes, turned them upside down and declared he would carry the cupcakes out to the car. Then he tilted them at an angle and headed out the door.

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Daisy Path said...

awesome. they were tie dye cupcakes! heehee.

i have an award for you. check out my latest post at daisypath because you are on my sunshine on a cloudy day!