Thursday, September 29, 2016


On a sunny day around the 4th of July I received a letter from my sister B. (Her name is being reduced to a letter to spare her from stalkers. She recently remarked that she's too busy for stalkers and therefore I cannot be held liable for enabling that behavior).

In the letter, B mentioned that she had it in her heart to have a long a weekend where all of my sisters could be gathered together in one place to enjoy each other's company. That was a total paraphrase of course, because B would never say something like "gather together in one place" as though she's quoting from the bible. I'm the spiritual one in our family. 
Of course I immediately pounced on FB Instant Messenger so that I could encourage this lovely idea of sisterly bonding and we began to make plans.
Then my daddy got sick.
That's a blog for another day when I'm emotionally stable enough to write about it. But speaking of my dad. I was reminiscing old blog posts and came across this one that still makes me smile.

After my dad's funeral we revisited the idea of getting together. Before long, I had my flight booked and my other sister's K & A (may as well protect them from stalkers too, but they never told me they were too busy for that action) had taken time off work. The day finally came and they picked me up from the airport.
You've never known an incessant amount of talking until you have 4 of us in the same space together. We can manage to all talk at the same time and still listen to what each other is saying. I'd say that should land us a spot on reality TV wouldn't you?

We arrived at B's house and straight away I noticed a sign on her wall.
We thought it was a good idea to take our first official portrait with this sign. My sister has a selfie stick, so you'd think this would make light work. You'd be wrong.
First we thought we'd take one with sunglasses and then one without.
Of course when all of us don't comply with the rules, chaos ensues and we have to start over which is no easy task. We called A out on her failure.
It took 10 minutes for us to get the pic with sunglasses.
By the time we managed to get the picture without sunglasses on, I forgot to suck in.
B had an itinerary for us full of shopping and adventure. 
One thing we all have in common is our love for all things vintage. That being said, B scheduled enough stops at antique malls for my sisters to entirely fill the back end of her truck. I have pictures.
This place was our first stop right after she picked me up at the airport (we wasted no time). 
I personally didn't believe the corn stalks were vintage but I also hadn't planned to buy them because I thought they looked like they could come to life at any moment and become a zombie.
This antique mall was aptly named. So. Selfie.
There's a quaint little historic town somewhere in the hills of Kentucky that contains "Patti's Settlement 1880's"  and B made us reservations for dinner and a variety show.
We asked our poorly dressed but super kind waitress to take our picture while we waited for our food at Patti's
We prefer to have pictures taken in twos. Are you all fawning over our puffy mound of bread with strawberry butter and my awesome $32 distressed Broncos shirt? I thought so.

 The girls all ordered the porkchop which is Patti's specialty due to the amazing sauce that comes on it. But I have an aversion to pork (unless it's bacon. Bacon is it's own food group) so I had B's baked potato and a bowl of french onion soup. This gave me the upper hand when we ordered dessert. 
Dessert was "Bill's Boatsinker" -a rich, dark double fudge pie topped with coffee ice cream, piled high with whipped cream, "drizzled" with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry. 
 When I shared this pic with my sisters they assumed I was trying to make it look like I didn't partake in the unwholesome goodness. But I assured them I only portray myself that way in public. Not in FB Messenger.
We literally had to run across to the street to Badgett Playhouse to catch the variety show that B had purchased tickets for. I hate ending sentences in prepositions, but sometimes my life will just fall apart if I have to stop a sentence and reword it you know? 
 The show "Walkin in Memphis" was live with lovely singers and musicians. So lovely in fact that I've consulted with B about the desire to quit my day job to move to her hometown and join Badgett Playhouse. Even though I was the youngest person in the entire auditorium enjoying the show, I know I could bring energy to the stage if I performed there. Especially if I were to do my Alice Cooper routine.
 After the show, we walked the grounds and took selfies.

We're really pretty fun when we're all together. Even when we're fuzzy.
 Our last planned day was to Nashville for the Arts & Crafts Festival where it was 100 degrees but that doesn't stop us from selfies. In the car. Where it's not hot because there's air conditioning.
I did compliment one artist at the fair. So I'll give him a shout out here and then someday when he comes across my blog he can give me a shout out and we'll be even steven.
This was our final shopping day so we made the most of it and B had the kindness in her heart to stop here just for me:
This was followed by a stop at the classiest, most clutter-free antique shop I've ever been to called "Miss Lucille's". 
B was right at home.
 A walked around the shop and took pictures of things she wants to replicate so that she didn't have to pay $100 for a piece of furniture that was made to look like it was tossed around in a tornado. 
 Before I forget, I would be remiss if I didn't post this picture. Just because.
I've come to the final day of the sisterhood weekend and I could nearly cry. Of course I didn't blog in great detail in chronological order but we packed so much in that I'd need to hire someone to type it all out for me. Actually. That's a great idea! I'm for hire if anyone needs to me to type things out for you. $100 a letter. That's reasonable as I won't charge for typos.
Our 9 hour drive home was spent discussing whether or not chemical imbalance is mentioned in the bible and who killed JonBenet. Of course that discussion resulted in me laying awake the whole night with the light on because it was storming outside and something kept knocking on the wall outside my bedroom. (I was told this sound came from acorns falling from the tree beside the house but I know the sound of a killer knocking).

Our departing picture taken with K's kids and their friends:
K, you won't always get the baby coffee mug each year. Next year make A have it.
B sent us this picture a day later when we all returned home to mediocre lives:
I've already begun saving to fly all 3 of my sisters and my mom out to my house for next year's gathering. 
So far I have $7.00