Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunny, With A Side Of Joy

I suppose today is the day that I shall post my "after" pictures. However, I have to tell you something first.
Ha! Get it?!
Well. Before you go skipping through all my blah blah blah and head straight down to the pictures of me after I got my hair done, I have to tell you about the title of this post:
Sunny, With a Side of Joy.
When I was getting my hair done, I was chatting on and on with my hairdresser who happens to be quite fun and funny. And she said, "You should have a talk show. You could call it Sunny, with a Side of Joy". Isn't that great? I think I should have my own talk show too, only I wouldn't have any people on my show because I do enough talking as it is and why would I invite people to put a damper on that goodness? You know? They would just cloud it up. All my going on on and on and on. And we know how all of you like to hear me go on and on. So. All that to say that I have come to the conclusion that I think that should be the new title of my BLOG! What do you think? I might cry for 3 seconds and whimper for about .13 seconds at saying goodbye to "Smiling's My Favorite". But if I have the support of my internet public -all 3 people who read this, I'm quite sure the looming depression would soon disappear. Really I should write books, shouldn't I? I mean "looming depression" that's pretty clever.
For real. Leave me a comment and tell me if I should change the title of my blog to
Onward ever onward...
I forgot to take my camera with me to have my picture taken the moment it was finished. So I had to wait until I got home. But before I show you the pictures, which you can really see, but I'm pretending that you can't so that I can keep talking... I have to explain what she did to my hair. Because I took in  all of the pictures I created of myself. Which sounds very shallow and egocentric. But it really is what I did so I had to say it. She looked at all of them and said "Rather than making you commit to one color, which will just grow out in a couple of weeks, why don't we just choose a couple of those colors and highlight your hair with them"? Which I thought was brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. Brilliant I say. (one snap and a shout out to the person who can tell me what movie that quote is from). So we chose a reddish brown for the first color and a chocolate brown for the second color. She didn't do much in the way of cutting my hair. Because I liked the length and the chic who had the hair that I liked had a ton of layers apparently.
So I got home and told Jason to please take my picture so that I could show the eager public. We had to go to our upstairs bathroom, because it has the best lighting. It also has a pornographic shower, as you can see behind me.
First picture, no glasses.
Then I really quick decided that I do need a picture of me with my glasses on:
Only that one was taken in the kitchen underneath the clock that I don't like where it's placed and I keep moving it and Jason moves it back. And the wall isn't really mustard yellow in real life. It's more of a some other kind of yellow that isn't mustard.
 Then. I decided that I had to have a picture with my hair curled. Which I had to take on a whole different day because I'm just too flat out lazy to go curl my hair except when I feel like I should curl my hair for a picture of my hair curled.
And I'd say I look very similar to a chipmunk.
Before                                After

I have pound puppy eyes.