Thursday, April 4, 2013

Congenital Ptosis: The Surgery

Our God is so faithful. I'm so glad I have Him to trust and turn to not just on days like today, but
Bright and early this morning at approximately 4:50 a.m. Jason's alarm went off. I actually didn't need the alarm because I had just woken up from the strangest dream ever. About knowing Evan was going to have his eye surgery and there was a great white shark in our bedroom (I think the shark was in our room to keep us from feeding Evan or giving him anything to drink, because I went to bed last night stressed out that we would forget and give him food in the morning) and my mom was in our garage with some ladies from Haiti or Ethiopia or Africa, (I never found out where they were from) and they were doing laundry, and Jason had grown a beard. I know. I didn't want to wake up, it was so awesome.
We had to be at the surgery center for pre-op by 6:30 a.m. I was so grateful to be able to have this procedure done first thing in the morning. I wanted it to be behind us.
Jason was selected to take Evan to get the anesthesia. Jason was back in the waiting room with me in minutes.He said Evan didn't love having the mask forced to his face but he took it like a champ and whimpered just a bit before he was out.
His surgery was scheduled for 7:30, but actually began at about 8:00 and by 8:30 we were called back into the post-op room to comfort our miserable little man. I held him, while Jason fed him snacks, but he cried inbetween bites. Evan did. Not Jason.
By 9:30, we were released to come home.
We took a before picture of Evan this morning, but because Evan was so tired, and the angle was not straight on, the picture really didn't do justice as a good before picture. So I used a picture we took a few weeks ago.
You can see the mark the surgeon put above his eyebrow on his right side so that he knew which side to operate on. Smart man!
His eye is a bit swollen, as expected. However, I do believe that once the swelling goes down, his eyes are going to look the same, for the most part.
When we got home, we fed Evan and then he and daddy cuddled on Dawson's bean bag and watched Baby Einstein: Baby Wordsworth. Jason learned to say "chair" and "ball".
congenital ptosis surgery, congenital ptosis before and after
Then Evan napped for about 15 minutes:
Speaking of naps. ...
Whew. I might need a nap. Or some chocolate.


Holly said...

Aw, what a trooper!! Evan and Jason didn't do too badly either :) I'm sure you were the one who had it the hardest!! Evan's eyes look great! They did before surgery too though... he'll be a chick magnet for sure!! Speedy recovery for Evan and mounds of chocolate for Mom!

Anonymous said...

He will be Happy Little Man again in no time, I bet. And you, Joy, all you needed was to stop by Starbucks on the way home, I can't believe that wasn't in the plan for your day.... I'm so relieved to be relieved about this. He looks just swell! Aunt B-

Unknown said...

That is awesome. What a traumatic experience for parents to have to watch their little ones go through! By the way, Ryan wants to borrow your Baby Einstein video.

Unknown said...

Oh wait, I don't know how to log in as myself. Er, as Kelly. Unless I have a split personality in which case I have successfully logged in as me.

Gloria said...

We are so thankful on how well Evan did and for the great improvement we are already seeing with his eye.

We are so proud of our little Grandson!

Like you said, this is now behind you. God's abiding presence during this entire time has been so wonderful. How do people make it without Him!

tim said...

Awesome... I'm glad it's behind you and everything went good!

Kevin Flick said...

So glad that is behind you guys. Sounds like he did great! Can't wait to hear how he recovers and see more after pics! Yeah!!!! Glad Jason is learning new words too! That's helpful for communication.