Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Birthday Boy and His Morphibian

Dawson Gregory Wilkins turned 6 years old!
Dawson begged to have a sleepover for his birthday this year. As a 38 week pregnant woman, I do not highly recommend that strategy. I will moderately recommend it with warnings. See me for individual details.
Saturday morning, we picked up Dawson's Tron cake from WalMart. Jason appeared a bit shocked at the size of the cake, however, he did want the cheapest cake so I was only mildly shocked that the cake could only serve 2 ½. It served its purpose.

We took Dawson and his buddy Johnathan bowling that afternoon. I’ll bet all of you are wondering if I bowled. I slid down the alley on my belly. NO. I did not bowl. But I did eat a large bowl of French fries and drank a pepsi. It was the best way to honor Dawson on his special day.
Dawson was only allowed to invite 2 boys for the sleepover. Johnathan and Bradley were his choices.
(I absolutely do not like this picture of me. I look as though I started off the party tired. You'd think after a large bowl of french fries and a pepsi my hair would have looked better.)
Then we ate pizza
and let him open his gifts.
After the gifts we had cake then Jason and I racked our brains trying to figure out what to do with the boys. We did much better figuring out what NOT to do.
1. No jumping on the bunk beds
2. No jumping from the bunk beds to the floor
3. No throwing toys ANYTHING over the balcony railing
4. No jumping on the furniture
5. No playing football in the house. No playing any games involving physical contact in the house.
6. No jumping off the stairs from the very top step.
I know! Let’s watch a movie! They actually played a court sanctioned game first, then they had a little dancing fun and then watched a movie. Then we sent them upstairs to Dawson’s room where Jason made them a tent.

and got them ready to wind down for the night. They actually slept, believe it or not.
They were up the very next morning at 6:30 a.m. on the dot. I made them breakfast and then nearly did not manage to stay sane until their parents came.
Now the part about the Morphibian so that I can end this 5 page novel of a post. Dawson’s aunt Nessa got Dawson a Morhphibian for his birthday. He loves the thing. It’s a remote control whatever that actually drives in water! Dawson drove the thing (remotely of course) all over the house and then I finally let him take a bath with it. I figured as long as he didn’t drive it over his wiener, I was not an unfit mother. I didn’t get any pictures of this but I drew one for you, so that you could have a visual. Only I didn’t draw Dawson in the bathtub, just the Morphibian.

You know, I need to keep this blog rated G. The other main reason to tell you about the Morphibian is because I read the user manual and I found typos. So I’m including those for your personal entertainment.

The end.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Showering a Baby

I'm tired of maternity clothes. Nearly all of my pants are hand me downs, and I thought I had my pants on backward yesterday because I couldn't find the tag. Then I discovered there was a pocket on the front of the pants which was in the front on me. That was good news.
Okay enough of that.
We had the privelage of receiving not one, but two baby showers recently. One was thrown for me by my work, and the other was thrown by my friend Kelsey with the help of my mom-in-law and sis-in-law.
I actually don't like showers. For me. People stare at you. There are awkward pauses. I have no solutions to these problems other than to be medicated, which I don't condone.
Here are some pictures from my office shower:
They gave me this awesome gift basket packed full of stuff for my gift!
The lady who was in charge of my shower made these awesome cream filled cupcakes AND chocolate covered strawberries. Yum.
The following picture I am posting for one reason only. To show you how I really do feel about showers. I'm not sure what the woman taking pictures with my camera was thinking when she took this shot, but I'll be she was wondering "I wonder if she doesn't like awkward pauses?"
And now for the pictures of the baby shower at church. Where I was also unmedicated.
What are pictures of a shower worth, without a food table? Glorious cheese!
Just think. If it's a girl we'll have to do this all over again.
Time for presents:
Once again, it's the staring and pauses. Secretly, I'm not as excited as I look.
I think if I adjust my glasses, I won't be able to see people staring at me.

Really though, it was a great shower. And I'm grateful for all the time that was put into it, and all of the gifts people blessed us with.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Room For A Baby

Before we just jump right in to the pictures of the
baby's room. I have to take this public forum to complain on behalf of pregnant
women everywhere. Okay. It might just be me. I’m in my last several weeks and I’m
irritable. That being said, here are a few helpful tips to those of you out
there who might think it’s appropriate to say any of the following quotes to an
irritable pregnant woman in her last several weeks when she’s irritable. It’s not.
“Are you still around?”
“Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
“You look like you’re going to pop”
“That’s going to be a big baby”.
“How are you feeling?” *(This one is submitted with an editor’s note)
*Editor’s Note: I realize that last quote seems
harmless. HOWEVER, when it is said by the same people every time they see, over
and over and over… it makes one irritable. And also makes me want to buy a t-shirt that says “I’m fine” or better yet “Don’t Talk To Me”.

On to pictures of the baby's room...
We saved the crib set from when Dawson was born. So we had to go buy paint that matched this crib set. A shout out to my awesome handy-man husband who cut, stained and put up the chair rail all by himself!

I realize that in some of the pictures the colors are a bit distorted. The bottom portion of the wall paint is actually a brown color called "rabbit poop". Not really. I just can't remember the technical name. Because of the lighting, it looks green. Don't be fooled! If you are, I'll call you a sucka fool. Anyway, the room is done in brown/tan and cream. The top half of the wall is done in "cotton seed".
Any questions?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Back.

First, I'd like to say that I'm super annoyed that I can't remember how to center my header picture.
Soon to come:
Baby's room pictures
Pictures from our baby showers
Pictures of my belly button.
That last one is not real.