Thursday, February 2, 2012

Room For A Baby

Before we just jump right in to the pictures of the
baby's room. I have to take this public forum to complain on behalf of pregnant
women everywhere. Okay. It might just be me. I’m in my last several weeks and I’m
irritable. That being said, here are a few helpful tips to those of you out
there who might think it’s appropriate to say any of the following quotes to an
irritable pregnant woman in her last several weeks when she’s irritable. It’s not.
“Are you still around?”
“Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
“You look like you’re going to pop”
“That’s going to be a big baby”.
“How are you feeling?” *(This one is submitted with an editor’s note)
*Editor’s Note: I realize that last quote seems
harmless. HOWEVER, when it is said by the same people every time they see, over
and over and over… it makes one irritable. And also makes me want to buy a t-shirt that says “I’m fine” or better yet “Don’t Talk To Me”.

On to pictures of the baby's room...
We saved the crib set from when Dawson was born. So we had to go buy paint that matched this crib set. A shout out to my awesome handy-man husband who cut, stained and put up the chair rail all by himself!

I realize that in some of the pictures the colors are a bit distorted. The bottom portion of the wall paint is actually a brown color called "rabbit poop". Not really. I just can't remember the technical name. Because of the lighting, it looks green. Don't be fooled! If you are, I'll call you a sucka fool. Anyway, the room is done in brown/tan and cream. The top half of the wall is done in "cotton seed".
Any questions?


KelseyElizabeth said...

Your blogs crack me up Joy!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of POOP did you ever decide on the name Deuce for the baby # 2 ??? I actually love that and if you didnt use it and i wasnt too old to have another 1 i would use it....:)