Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hush Little Baby Don't Say A Word

I love sleep. Apparently Dawson does too. When he pulls stunts like this little maneuver you see in this picture. He has a hard time getting up in the mornings when he has to get around so that I can take him to daycare on my way to work. Of course, at 6:30 a.m., I can’t blame him. But I will say, I’ve never been able to sleep with a pillow over my head. I’m not claustrophobic like my sisters (by the way, how did that happen? I’m not complaining, I’m grateful for that missing claustrophobia gene) but I do feel smothered if I try to sleep with covers over my head. My air needs to get out and it has no place to go.
Last night when I put Dawson to bed, he asked me to read to him while he laid down. So I sat on the floor by his bed and read to him. Little sucker, he was just trying to get out of going to bed. But I want him to be a scholar, so I went with his little plan. After I finished reading to him I turned off the light and he asked me to sit in the rocking chair. So I sat in the rocking chair, in the dark, and watched him lay peacefully. It was actually killing me because I’m the type of person that needs to be doing something. Sitting idle is torture for my busy brain. But I thought it was sweet that he asked me so I did it anyway and I had to keep rocking very fast to make myself feel like I was being productive.
Did you know I don't like mushrooms? Pretty random but it entered my mind and showed up on the post
Children are so precious when they sleep. Even in a highchair when they really need to wake up to eat their pizza.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Saturday was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining. Birds were chirping. Ducks were quacking.
So we took Dawson to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (that’s a link). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since Dawson is still the tender age of 3. Would he get bored? Would he like it? When I called to find out pricing, etc the info operator told what exhibits they have. One of those being a Dinosaur exhibit. BINGO. Dawson wants to be a dinosaur, so we knew this was the perfect place to take him. (Remember that later when you watch the video of him screaming and running away from the dinosaur exhibit.)
And we're off..
Dawson thinks he's the absolute coolest with sunglasses on. Just look at him. He is.
Dawson talked about dinosaurs the whole ride to Indianapolis. He was quite excited.
When we got to the museum we figured we better just start with the dinosaur exhibit. We were afraid Dawson would have a melt down if we didn't get there soon enough.
He warmed up to them eventually.
He even made me sit through a presentation by a cowboy.
I think Jason and I were both amazed at how interactive the museum was for children Dawson's age. We both commented that the trip was worth the cost for the admittance fee.
There was an exhibit dedicated to superheroes.
The batmobile from the "Dark Knight" was on display.
There was "LegoLand"
Who are the geniuses that can build these things?
There was a train station. Well, station as in exhibit. But I'm crafty with my words.
Dawson was scared of the train and wanted out. So of course Jason took joy in holding him hostage.
This blown glass art sculpture is at the center of the building. I really wanted to break a piece off and bring it home but I couldn't reach it.
There was a dragon room. This guy is eating a Christmas ornament for whatever reason.
There is a portion on the top floor called "The Power of Children." This is dedicated to 3 children who have made an impact in the world: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges and Ryan White.
I remember watching the Ryan White story in 8th grade. It was amazing seeing all of his stuff on display. It's all from the 80's when Jason and I grew up.
Max Headroom
GI Joe action figures
"Guess" Jeans
Jason snapped these pictures of things on display in the Anne Frank portion. We both particularly found the book to be very interesting.
There was a center that was built specifically for children his age. So we stopped and played a while.
Before we left we headed back to the dinosaur display for once last look around. We hoped Dawson we be more open to the exhibit this time around. He was afraid this time because they simulated a thunder storm in the room.
In all, we spent 2 1/2 worthwhile hours at the museum.
Then we were getting hungry and headed to Buca Di Beppo.
It was prom night so all these highschoolers had reservations to every restaurant we could ever want to wait in line for for over an hour. And of course all the prom goers were making out in line. Gross.
Dawson was hungry so that made him a little less hyper while we waited for food.
You can see in this picture he's a good little angel and I had confiscated his coloring page because it had one of those "find what is different" scenes and I love those. You can see by the look on his face that something is coming though...
And there it is. Our entertainment for the evening.
We were well worn out so after we ate we headed home.
This happened well within the first 15 minutes that we got into the car.
He's so cute when he sleeps.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicka Bow-Bow

You know there is a SuperNanny on television. I've watched her in action on several occasions, then quit, for fear that Dawson would get all sorts of unruly behavior ideas from having it displayed in front of him. We have enough unruly behavior to deal with on our own ever since he hit the THREE year old mark. (Who came up with the "terrible two's scenario anyway?! It's terrible three's). All of that to say (do any of you ever think, "why doesn't she just say it to begin with? Why the long prelude?") I think there should be a version of SuperPottyTrainer. And sign me up for services please. Come to my house. Adjust my toilet any old way you need to. You can see my predicament just by glancing at the picture to the left. This happened a month or so ago while Jason was gone tending to his club JV event. I was in the kitchen organizing supplies to wrap Jason's birthday presents. I had it all together and walked into the living room to find this lovely little surprise Dawson had waiting for me. At first I thought what is that?! Then I saw Dawson's guilty look and I gasped and ran to get the camera first of course. Can't miss a shot of the big pile of poop in our living room you know. Here. Here's a closer look.

Then I ran Dawson to the bathroom. Why was I in such a hurry? Clearly the bad deed was already done. But oh how I wish that were true. I stand him in the bathroom and ask him to wait because I needed to get a change of clothes for him. I ran like mad to his bedroom, grabbed clothes and ran back. In that 30 seconds of time he had taken of his pants and his underwear. The poop that was left in his undies flopped to the floor and yes, I stepped in it. It also was all over his legs.
But he was very cooperative with me once he saw my panic mommy mode kick in. He did take a bath.
SuperPottyTrainer, where are you??
+Changing Subject+
This afternoon I went to visit Dawson over my lunch break. All the little pods were sitting at the lunch table getting served. (I don't know why I called his classmates "pods". It came involuntarily out of brain through my fingers to the keypad, but the word appeals to me now).
I walked over and gave Dawson a big hug and kiss and he was telling me all about his lunch. We chatted about the class going swimming and then I told him good-bye so that he could eat. As I was walking away he yelled after me:
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
I turned around and said
What honey?
He said
I Wove You.
I tell you, I was SLAYED.
So I ran back over to him and gave him another hug and got up and then his teacher Miss Kayleigh said "okay, it's time to pray" and all the little pods started shouting out this memorized prayer for their food!
I watched Dawson and all he had memorized was the "Amen" at the end. But he's not even 100%potty trained yet, so I'll take the slack.
And before I forget. The reason for the subject line.. Dawson just recently breaks out in song, singing "Chicka Bow-Bow" over and over. Not sure where he came up with that.
*Another change of subject*
Jason was up all night long last night with a shooting pain from his tooth.
He was able to get in to see the dentist today and left with a root canal.
I told him over and over again that he has to get some type of medicine to help with the pain, if they couldn't get him scheduled for the root canal because I didn't want him to be up all night tonight in pain again.
I got online and was doing a bit of research for him when I came across this:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You're harshing on the Office Mellow.

My new favorite Michael Scott quote from the archives of the Office.
The highlight of our family get-togethers:
4 hot sisters on the prowl.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend.

It’s time to report on our Easter weekend.
Friday, we went to Wal-Mart. Good Friday and we spent it at Wal-Mart.
What is wrong with us?
We need more friends.
Speaking of friends (was that great transitioning or what? Not even alluding to a tangent!)
Saturday, Ashley, Audrey and Andrew came over.
Audrey loves me.
See how she smiles for me when I ask her to?

Ashley and I tended to Audrey all evening while Andrew did this:

We played Wii, and ordered Jim’s pizza.
You need to see what Jim’s pizza looks like.

A&A ordered the regular pepperoni version which you see on the right of the picture. We ordered LIGHT pepperoni, because we know what the extra 100 pepperonis will do to our intestines that they put on the regular version.
Actually, it was Jason’s turn to choose which type we ordered. I usually opt for Light Ham, green olives and onion. My intestines soak that goodness up like its Metamucil.
All that to say we love having the Bigelow’s over.

On Easter Sunday,
We went to the first service at church which was at 8:15! Hello! We went to the grandma-grandpa service! I still don’t know how we got up and around that early but we had nursery duty for the second service so we had to choose wisely and that seemed like the better option. Going to the third service would not lend us enough time to do Easterly things such as hunt for Easter Baskets:

Dawson will hunt for an Easter basket, but not for Easter eggs. What psychologist out there can clue me in on that?
Later we colored Easter eggs.
Which I’m gonna be honest here. I thought it would be fun to color Easter eggs with Dawson. I had only 8 eggs for us to color and I wanted to finish up so fast because Dawson was ready to flip dye all around our house and smash eggs into furniture. Hopefully he has matured by next year’s egg coloring day.
Before heading over to my sister Karen's house for a birthday/Easter party,we had just enough time for some R&R:

I’ll leave you with my little bunny clad sweetie.
"Huh? Oh, I have bunny ears on?"