Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few things to report before I go into my story.
1. First, Dawson is potty trained. Pause with me for a minute as we let that news sink in. Do you understand how great this is for the environment? And my psyche? He's been potty trained for over a week. And he's been waking up with a dry pull-up because we put one on him at bedtime just in case. All before he turned 4 years old. And I thought it was going to be closer to 15.
2. I got my two bottom wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. I was born with only 2 bottom wisdom teeth. None on top. It only took about 20 minutes to pull them both and I was drugged and quite happy. It's a good thing I'm not typing this blog while on Vicadin. It's not pretty. The dentist said the teeth were easy to pull and I should heal quickly which is what I'm really hoping for because my office gave each of a tin of chocolates for Christmas yesterday at our Christmas party and it's killing me to not eat them. I may need to put one in the food processor.
The final story is from work. One of my responsibilities is to make sure churches that have loans with us have insurance policies. I made a phone call to an insurance agency regarding a church that I needed a policy on. The lady on the phone had asked me to give her my email address. Easy enough. However, you know how you spell out letters and then give the name of an item representing that letter? For instance, "C as in cat, A as in apple" etc... well at this particular moment I was describing the domain name of my email address which is My description of that was this: "A as in alpha, D as in...(slight pause while I pick through my nimble mind full of great items that begin with the letter D) D as in Dork, F as in Frank. Yeah, I came up with the word DORK to represent the letter D. Thankfully, the very professional woman I was speaking with on the phone burst out laughing and said it was the best laugh she'd had all day. All of you out there who use the word DOG to represent the letter D should change.your.ways.