Monday, July 27, 2015

Painting Our House: A Project, Phase II

Painting a house is no joke. Even though I thought I would be funny and remove both ladders and lay them on the ground. But I was afraid the men would retaliate and just go inside through our bedroom window. And I had just dumped our clean laundry on the floor to be folded and put away. Laundry just laying there in no certain order if you know what I mean.
This is the scraping phase. A tedious process that works your forearms. I just made that up.  But I imagine scraping works your forearms since you use that muscle group.
 Eventually scraping leads to power washing.
  I can only imagine (not like the song) what manner of nastiness comes flying back on your head, face and clothes during this process. I would wear goggles. And a hazmat suit.
 And then comes the priming. I told Jason I think the house looks great just like this and he should send the men home. Who needs paint? 
Evan snuck in my photo and I could tell he wanted to throw the tarp they laid down, climb the ladder and stick his finger in the primer. So I let him.
They didn't get to the front of the house with the priming work before the weekend came around so we got paint samples and set to work. Which actually ended up involving all of our neighbors, who decided to pitch in their opinion for free. Bobbie Likens, this is a special shout out to you, so that you can understand that my previous post of internet color swatches was not the deciding factor, and that we did hold up paint swatches to the garage, the trim, and even our neighbors house to see if the color was similar. Will you let me paint your house now? 
As you can see in the picture below, we got the paint colors narrowed down to 3 options. We've settled on one primary base color "Craftsman Brown" which is the large square on each corner of the garage. You'll notice the large orange arrow pointing to Evan's painting contribution. 
Same picture taken at night which totally changes the color! So I've asked God to keep it day everyday til the painting is done. 
The hardest decision for us has been deciding the color for the trim. Even our neighbors are divided on the issue. We might not have our block party this year if the fighting continues. Half the neighbors like the contrast of the lighter trim and the rest of us like having less contrast. I personally like the light contrast until I change my mind an hour later and decide I like less contrast. Also, I feel that the color we chose for the darker trim matches the primary color better.
 How can you choose paint colors if it's hazy? Perhaps I should have taken Claritin before embarking on this photo.
  Initially, we thought going super dark for a trim would look nice. But it doesn't.
We made the final decision yesterday to stick with Craftsman Brown for the primary and Tamarind for the trim, which is the less contrast color. If Jason changes his mind before they paint tomorrow, I'm asking him to run an errand for me that will take the entire day or until the painting is done. Whichever comes first.
Stay Tuned for THE BIG REVEAL...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Painting Our House: A Project, Phase I

So we've decided to paint the outside of our house. 
When I say "we" I mean "the people who paint houses".
This is because our current house color reminds me of flesh tones used for Rembrandt paintings and other boring habiliments (because only the word habiliment sounded right to use in context with the word Rembrandt). 
Doesn't it reek of pathetic existence?
The painter's called and said they will be coming this week.
Um. We should probably settle on a few house color ideas.
So we went to Sherwin-Williams.
And of course we were able to decide right away.
 I'm totally shooting for something similar to this:
 Or this:
But Jason is all like "Noooo". The bum.
They will do 2 sample colors for us to choose from
This is where ya'll come in.
We have the colors actually narrowed down, because we know we want to go with the brown family. (sorry polka-dots and graffiti. Maybe I can talk the nursing home down the road into using you, polka dot graffiti makes a great combination).

We are particularly interested in a medium brown with a light trim color:
A light brown with a darker trim color.
There you go. 
I fully expect to be inundated with millions of comments telling us what to do.
In the meantime, I'll be keeping updates here with the progress. 
Next Up:
Paint samples on the house.