Monday, July 20, 2015

Painting Our House: A Project, Phase I

So we've decided to paint the outside of our house. 
When I say "we" I mean "the people who paint houses".
This is because our current house color reminds me of flesh tones used for Rembrandt paintings and other boring habiliments (because only the word habiliment sounded right to use in context with the word Rembrandt). 
Doesn't it reek of pathetic existence?
The painter's called and said they will be coming this week.
Um. We should probably settle on a few house color ideas.
So we went to Sherwin-Williams.
And of course we were able to decide right away.
 I'm totally shooting for something similar to this:
 Or this:
But Jason is all like "Noooo". The bum.
They will do 2 sample colors for us to choose from
This is where ya'll come in.
We have the colors actually narrowed down, because we know we want to go with the brown family. (sorry polka-dots and graffiti. Maybe I can talk the nursing home down the road into using you, polka dot graffiti makes a great combination).

We are particularly interested in a medium brown with a light trim color:
A light brown with a darker trim color.
There you go. 
I fully expect to be inundated with millions of comments telling us what to do.
In the meantime, I'll be keeping updates here with the progress. 
Next Up:
Paint samples on the house.


Anonymous said...

JOY!!! You MUST hold the color swatches to the brick! Nothing worse than non-brick-matching, or even, heaven-forbid, CLASHING colors! I am partial to a khaki/black combo, myself. In this particular instance, the first color choice lighter shade has a pinkish cast to it. Just sayin'.

Cecilia Hammond said...

I think this is the toughest part of finishing any house. I have never been good at picking outdoor paint colors. I just feel like, certain colors are more appropriate in certain cities or regions and not so appropriate in others. I usually just find something I like in a magazine and go with a color swatch that is close.

Cecilia Hammond @ Pro Active Residential