Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dutch Blitz

Did you miss me?
A week or so ago we had the privelage of being invited to a life size version of the game Dutch Blitz. Sound interesting? Let me tell you, it's craziness.
Before the game, Dawson got in some good playing time with friends.
 Steph and I just wanted to show off our big lips. We thought that was a good scare tactic against all our competitors.
Here is an example of the capacity of the game we were playing here. The cards are ginormous!
Holly, Steph & I were on a team. One pic with our game faces. One pic prepared to win.
But win we did not! There were cheaters. But I won't name names. Josh.
Holly and Steph shuffling our cards.
Do you know how to play Dutch Blitz? Have you ever played it? Because playing it with regular sized cards is a whole different level than playing them with intensley massive cards. By the way, the guy who made the cards is a friend of ours and he was the one who brought this whole thing together. Thanks Steve.
The whole point of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards in blitz pile. I have no clue if that's what the pile is called, but it is now.
They are based first on color, then by number. So if you have a Red one you run it ou to the middle of the gym throw it down and all the other players build on that on up to 10 if they have red cards. Is this making sense? If not, read someone else's blog because I'm too confusing. So if i have a red two I hand it to Steph who runs the card out to the middle to lay it on a red one. But if someone else also has a red 2 they will attack her and push her down or possibly kill her in order to lay their card. Well, probably not kill her. We're not the mafia.
Here's video. Maybe it will make more sense. Maybe not.
And that's the story of the day I was nearly killed playing a card game.
And it wasn't even Poker. Over money.
Now really I did want to blog about my most horrible day I had last week, because as many of you have discovered by now, drama surrounds my life. But first, guess what? Jason and I were watching one of his ocean videos he has. On this video there was a diver who had gone into a cave system (under water of course) and he was feeding a fish easy-cheese. That's no joke.
Now on to my day. First of all, I found a spider in the basement at work. I hate spiders. And I had to jump off the bottom step over to the door jump through the door over to the place where I needed to put textbooks away. All to avoid being eaten. Now I'm afraid of the basement. That spider probably has a family down there by down. That is a bad way to start off your day. After a long day at work I came home and needed to sweep the living room floor. So I had everything removed from the floor. Then I put everything back. Just to discover I had swept the entire floor with the sweeper being on the hose setting. Ugh. So I ended up sweeping the floor twice. And really this next part is the worst part of my day. I was in the bathroom ready to brush my teeth when much to my demise I noticed a freckle on my lip. on my lip. How do you get a freckle there? I don't want a freckle on my lip! I have enough already to cover all the faces in China! I was so disgusted I almost didn't brush my teeth. But I did. No worries. Fresh breath all around.
And that's my bad day story.

Now to leave you with my new thing I found in the book of Exodus where I'm reading: This is God prepping Moses about the miracles He will be able to perform through him so that the Israelites will believe him when he speaks.

2 Then the LORD said to him, "What is that in your hand?" "A staff," he replied.
3 The LORD said, "Throw it on the ground." Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it.

See! I'm deathly afraid of snakes! And now I really know that I am not the only one!
Thank you Moses.


The Robbs said...

I love the end of the video when you say "No one run over my son please!" and Dawson goes flying by on his mo mo.....So funny!

I can't lie though, i don't feel like you were giving 100% to the team at that point!

jenn said...

wow, such a big i guess to sum up my response to all of it, i will just answer your first question :)...i sure missed you :). ha! love ya lots..m.e.

Anonymous said...

Spiders really are our friends--they kill bugs for us for free (well, maybe for a heart attack somewhere in there). Freckles are like gray hair--they show how wise we are :-) (and you're not the only one with lip freckles!)
This might make you feel better about your bad day (this happened on a monday morning no less). I was trying to multi-task and brush my teeth and put on mascara at the same time (I don't recommend this). I got some mascara on my toothbrush and went to grab some toilet paper to wipe it off. Of course my hands were full so I had to stick the toothbrush back in my mouth to grab some toilet paper. But it wasn't the tooth brush that went in my mouth. So my front teeth were all black. And mascara doesn't brush off easily in case you were wondering. It just sort of smears all around. Good thing it wasn't the water proof kind.
Anyhoo, only good days to come from now on! :-)

ashley said...

so...sad....where did joy go? why has it been so long since a post??? :(

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen or heard from this popular blogger, I feel like my life is missing something. I love lurking on this blog!