Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hyperlinks and the Tundra

This post is going to be chock full of hyperlinks. See? Even the word hyperlink is a hyperlink. A hyperlink is a link that can't sit still. HA! I crack me up. I'm adding all the hyperlinks because I'm too lazy to go into detail about the different places I will be mentioning. And I'm allowed to be lazy because it's my blog.
This past weekend we went to Estes Park.
Estes Park is this quaint beautiful little town that you go through before entering Rocky Mountain National Park. That is a lazy person's description. It was actually quite warm for being November. So we did some hiking.
On our hike, we saw Elk. Jason always wants to take 2,000 pictures of Elk and I tell him I don't even want him to take one, because I think they look like they have mange.

I made sure I didn't zoom in before posting that picture of Elk so that you are not exposed to mange Elk butt. You can thank me by leaving a comment.

If you look closely at the picture of Dawson above, you will see that he was pouting. This is because he and Jason got into an argument right before taking his picture. But Dawson complied to the picture-taking because we convinced him the setting was pretty.
I kind've think that picture above looks like I'm posing for a senior picture or something.
In this picture below, you can see how Evan wreaks havoc on all clothes I own with strings.

Look, Jason got a close-up shot of Evan smiling while defacing my hoodie string.

Speaking of senior pictures... we'll come back and have Dawson do this pose his senior year.

We got cold and headed back to our hotel room The Silver Moon Inn where chaos ensued:

Surely you know that was Jason's idea. Let's not forget that Dawson looked just like Jason when he was younger which could mean he'll end up like him.
The hotel is situated right along a river. So I took senior pictures of Jason and Dawson.
Jason got some good pictures of the mountains and Dawson on a drive we took.

This picture below is of Bear Lake. I was too cold to take more pictures though. I shot and ran. This day was much colder and I was all excited for Christmas and wanted to decorate when we got home. Jason said no.

I'll leave you with a picture of Evan's serious face.