Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day: Swag Edition

I've been a mother for 11 years and 10 months now. You know. Because I totally count the pregnancy stage. Dawson sucked his thumb while I was pregnant with him and I think that means I'm a good mom. I had already taught him to self-soothe.
Now I feel the urge to post baby pictures of the boys. I don't have many of Evan and I could ball my eyes out all over again from the trauma but to tell the truth, I'm just too lazy.
This was the first sunny Mother's Day we've had in several years. Not that I took a picture of the sun or anything. I just wanted that documented because I read through older Mother's Day blog posts, and the memories of the blizzards caused extreme heat depravity.
Not that I want to brag or anything, but really, isn't that what blogging is? This year I was abundantly blessed with Mother's Day gifts.
I received this poem from Dawson that he wrote for me in school. 'The Best Mother'. It's an adequately titled poem. So if any of you other mom's received a poem titled similarly, just know that mine is the one that is legit.
My BFF surprised me and bestowed upon me gifts when I saw her at church. This is a genuine, 1980's caboodle, which is now amply stocked with makeup she got me for my birthday that I don't know how to use.
Look at the stickers she put on my card. That's how I knew it was for me. 
I used the Ulta gift card that Jason gave me to buy more makeup and the Charming Charlie's gift card I received from my in-laws to purchase a necklace and a splendid shade of nail polish. The coral colored shirt is from Stephanie. 
Speaking of Stephanie, I had to zoom in on the card from my bestie. Isn't she the best? She didn't receive a poem from her 4 year old declaring her to the best mom ever so that's how we can still be friends.
I need to interrupt myself here to give an update on my stranger outfit. You might remember in my birthday post that I took a picture of a stranger because I planned to imitate her outfit. I would like to present to you the results. Not that you should look at it like "Who Wore it Best" or anything because it's painfully obvious that the stranger is a waif of a creature and I could totally take her down in a pile drive. However. I have ship-lap and she doesn't. So.
I have to zoom in on my necklace because I love it so much:
 I'm wondering if I have another jean shirt that is more similar in color to hers because my sister B owns 93 jean shirts and I've inherited 80 of them. I'll have to look.
Thank you for allowing me that brief intrusion on this post.
In honor of being a mom on Mother's Day I'll end this post by mentioning what my kids are into these days:
  1. He's a Lego purist and his love for Legos stirred him to begin his own YouTube channel to discuss all things Lego.
  2. He's addicted to a game called He has also told me that his game name he's chosen to use while playing is "get in the van". Mind you, this is an online game played with other children. He thinks that makes the name funnier.
  3. He loves playing football. He has scored at least one touchdown in every game he has played this season for National Flag Football. He inherited this skill from me.
  1. He has a current fascination with knock-knock jokes. His jokes make no sense but he laughs like he's the best comedian on comedy central after he tells one.
  2. His current favorite game is "Hide Go N Seek" as he pronounces it and after he finds me, he promptly tells me to leave the room because he wants to hide in my spot. Yeah, I pretty much always win this game.
  3. On colder days when he can't be outside in his sandbox or pummeling me with water balloons, you'll either find him playing Xbox or watching The Axel Show on the iPad. I'm the best mom ever, so there's no need to talk to me about limited screen time with my children.

That concludes my Happy Mother's Day Swag Edition blog post. Please join me again next year when I write about my promotion to Super Greatest Mom in the Whole Wide World.