Thursday, May 15, 2014


As Mother's Days go, this one was particularly uneventful -just as I preferred. Since I didn't get pictures on my first Mother's Day, and the Mother's Day I had last year still causes me to cry, the little blizzard we had this year on my day didn't send me into despair. Notice I said "my" as though the day to honor mothers the world over was set in place for me. Which it probably was, considering what a great mother I am. Is anyone else disturbed by saying the word "mother"? I always feel like another vulgar word will be used just after it. Apparently I'm bursting with dysfunction.
I did my hair this year on Mother's Day. So I decided to have some pictures to commemorate my long hair. I threw my kids into the photo shoot to reward them for getting me gifts. 
I put the pictures into a collage because I wanted to be awesome like that. You'll notice the only picture with Evan somewhat smiling is because he's saying "cheese". In the bottom right picture I look like I left the room for a minute and got a sunburn while Evan plays with my necklace and the way I have my hand tucked under Dawson's armpit, you'd think I was going to bring my hand up for a little sniff-just like in the movie "Superstar!".
 Once the pictures were through and I realized we were stuck inside all day due to the blizzard conditions outside, I  put my hair in a messy bun and changed into my comfy clothes -don't tell me you all don't have green sweatshirts that you wear with pink cotton pajama bottoms. I was feeling guilty that I had Jason take several pictures of just me with the boys and he wasn't included in any of the pictures. Since I had recently learned how to use the self-timer function on the camera, I set the timer and steadied the camera on the entertainment center. Then I made a run for the couch without enlightening anyone else in the family of my picture heist.
Evan is clearly misrepresenting his personality with the first and last pictures. (You can click on the collage to enlarge it).
If you ask me, sneaking family photos on Mother's Day is right up there with getting a pedicure.
 In honor of being the mom to Dawson and Evan, I'll list a few of their characteristics I treasure.
  1. 1. He has the best sense of humor.
  2. He frequently reenacts or gives me a play-by-play of the way he fell down the stairs or fell off the couch or tripped over something. Always in slow motion.
  3. He loves his little brother.
  4. He's a very good artist. Just like his daddy. I guess I should scan some of his artwork to share in a blog. Note to self: "self, share some of Dawson's artwork in a blog".
  5. He loves to read.
  1. He's at the age wear he repeats everything we say. Repeats everything we say. (get it?) Only the way he says things is so cute. "a-tine" means tickle. "a-bose" he says to make me laugh when I'm getting him dressed and I have no idea what it means but I make sure I laugh anyway. When you give him something he asks for, instead of saying "thank you" he says "welcome" really fast. Hence the title of this blog post.
  2. His favorite movie is "Finding Nemo" and most days I don't want to find Nemo.
  3. He loves bubbles.
  4. He's a picky eater. (I don't treasure this one like it's a jewel. More like it's a pet rock).
  5. He loves "Awsin" which is how he says Dawson
This year I received Pinwheel cookies (thanks Bobbie Jean -for giving Jason the idea) an itunes gift card,and some Ghiradelli chocolate for gifts.  Next year I'm asking for portable toilet seat covers. I'm a vocal supporter of using them in public restrooms. Today, Evan and I took lunch to Jason at his office. I excused myself to use the restroom and the stall I chose had a holder for toilet seat covers but it was completely empty. I consoled myself with the thought that since I was at Compassion, this restroom entertained Christian butts and therefore I was fine. 
On the drive home I was suddenly stricken with the thought that even though Christian butts use the restroom at Compassion -including the stall I graced with my presence, the toilet seat cover holder was still EMPTY. Which meant those Christian butts had used all the toilet seat covers. Why did they need toilet seat covers? 
Christian germs. That's what.
I'm ending this post with the same collage I used earlier, only this one is more creative because it's slanted!
Happy Mother's Day


Carol said...

You are just too funny!! Love your Blogs

kallingklan said...

Christian butts... haha! that's a first :) you know, I've never been able to use the toilet seat covers correctly.. I get so frustrated that I just wad it up and throw it away. So I just double and triple fold some toilet paper and line it on the seats. Can't go getting germs now, Christian or not ;-)

Oh and your boys are so blessed to have you for their mom ;-)