Friday, May 30, 2014

Out of the Blue

On Wednesday, I took the boys and we had lunch with Jason so that we could watch the Thunderbirds do a show for the Air Force Academy graduation.
Has anyone ever tried to get pictures of jets in motion? I'd like to know.
Dawson brought is binoculars and Evan (when he was sitting for 3.2 seconds) -just ran around and yelled "Ahpane!" I do believe getting a picture of Evan sitting is second only to getting a picture of a jet in motion.
Attempt #1. See the planes? I said it was an attempt.
 Now. If you'll enlarge the picture below and zoom in, you'll actually see a jet. I think.
Momentarily, I gave up the notion of capturing a jet in motion for picture purposes. And I decided to switch to video.
If you'll watch the video very closely, you'll see I nearly catch a glimpse.
 Aha! Smoke from a jet!
I could be lying. That could be celebrated cigarette smoke zoomed in and photoshopped to make it look like it's cascading across a mountain behind a jet. But it's not.
14 seconds of awe inspiring sunshine. And a jet or two.
 Here they are! In FORMATION! Sweet glorious formation. In a picture! I took! So apparently I'm for hire. 
 I really did take this picture of the jets and yes it looks like dying ducks. In formation though. So. jets or dying ducks.. as long as they're in formation and you get a picture, you're awesome.
  Get a load of me and my bad self! 
 This was my attempt at zooming in. They didn't hit the tree. Bummer. That would have been the twitter talk of the day. If I talked twitter.
  Of course I want a 12 second video of the family before I take a picture of them.
 Like video, like picture.
 Oooh. Nice. Sometimes  Evan says that randomly.
 More picture of the boys enjoying how awesome their mom's picture taking skills are.

 A view of the scenery from my car on the drive home after the show. I was going to jump out of the car and use the timer to get me in the picture, but that's dumb.
And.. I'll leave you with this rather embarrassing video.
In my defense, if I knew I was actually taking video, there's a chance I could have a done a better job.
In case you were wondering, I can teach you how to take blurry pictures like this one while you're unaware that you're taking video. But only if you're a  multi-tasker.

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