Saturday, May 31, 2014

Balloon Walking

This morning we woke up to find hot air balloons flying high near our house. Please take note that I said near as though near could be a mile away. We often see them this time of year out in front of our house. Evan had never experienced a hot air balloon sightting up to this point so Jason woke him up. He woke him up! It turned out to be worth it so I put mad my face away. 
After watching the balloons for some time, we noticed there was one balloon actually flying low over the top of our neighborhood. Then we thought "hey! it's going to land behind our house!" So we ran to the back yard with the camera.
 As you can see, the hot air balloon was getting closer.
That's when we realized the hot air balloon was walking toward us. 
 Evan was enthralled and continually pointed to it saying "bayoon!" Say it that way, it's fun.

 As the balloon people (what are they called? "ballloonists"?) passed by I yelled out "We have to walk our balloon every day too!"
 They continued walking the balloon down the path behind our house while Jason and I speculated as to the reasoning behind it. Do they need the exercise? Are the pointy plants in that field too risky to deflate a balloon of this stature?
 We decided to follow the balloon people and we ran inside, through the house to the front yard.
 There's my neighbor Jane.
 I call this "A balloon Between Houses". It's for sale.
 This is when we discovered they were coming to land the balloon on the road in front of our house. On.the.road.
 I was tempted to run and jump into the basket.
 I asked my neighbor Jane if she wanted to take a selfie with the balloon and she said sure. That's when I discovered that I had just finished doing my Insanity workout when the balloon hoopla began and in my haste to get picture of the balloon, I ran outside for all the public to see me in my workout clothes, stinky and rather pathetic looking. That doesn't stop us girls from getting selfies now does it?
Then Jane suggested we turn around so that we can have our picture actually taken with the balloon. Oh.
 So we turned around and I nearly got the balloon in the picture
 We tried again. A little better.
 Then I realized I could just ask Jason to take it. I also realized all the neighbors in our cul-de-sac were outside watching the action. And I still hadn't showered our changed. 
 If you zoom in on this picture you can view the name of our cul-de-sac. But only if you're a stalker.
 It doesn't take long to deflate a balloon. Especially if you pop it with a pin. Which they didn't do.

 I asked if I could touch the balloon material because I was rather curious about what it's made of. Please avoid looking at my legs.
And that, my friends, is how you take a hot air balloon for a walk.

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