Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mary Chrismic

We have a tradition that on Christmas Eve, the boys get to open one gift. The gift is always pajamas. Evan liked his pajamas, but evidently didn't want his picture taken in them.
Dawson was up at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Day. He rambled through our bedroom into our bathroom because "he needed a drink of water". Hmm. I don't do Christmas at 3 a.m.
Several hours later, we allowed Dawson downstairs to be filled with the wonder of Christmas.
Dawson had been begging for these things called "beyblades" It took me 79 tries to even understand the word he was using to tell me what they were called. After several attempts of googling "spinny things" typed in various descriptions, I found what they were. He tells me he and his buddies play with these things when they have indoor recess at school.
 I wish the vacuum we purchased for Evan actually worked and wasn't just plastic. He zooms all over the house with that thing. Felicia, I'd like you to take a quick look-see at the shirt I have on. Because it's yours. I stole it from your closet many years ago when you were in high school living with mom. I hope you don't want it back because it's stinky.
 Evan enjoyed opening presents this year. He tore the paper piece by piece. I would have been fine with that, had the pieces been in bigger chunks.
 Jason bought me seasons 1-3 of Duck Dynasty and the pack came with a certified duck bandana. It doesn't look the same on me as it does on them. I'm more likened to a hippie. He also got me a Dutch Oven. Better this kind than the other, is what I say.
  The boys hard at work.
 It was soon time for the annual family picture extravaganza.
 I told Jason I wanted a few pictures of him and I this year...
 Later in the afternoon we go to Jason's mom and dad's for Christmas.
The kids all got flashlights in their stockings. Mia loved hers. 
My eyes were assaulted only a few times with having the brightness directed right at them.
 Trying to get perfect pictures of all the grandchildren together has never happened.
 Dawson's post-gift slump.

I'm ending this Merry Christmas post with the gift that Dawson made for Jason and I. It was wrapped with love after being carefully placed in a box.
This close-up reveals the card he made:
 This cut-out says "To The Best Family".

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Poses

Surely everyone knows my love for Christmas. I mean EVERYONE. Morgan Freeman knows. I'm pretty sure he reads my blog.
I wanted to take Christmas pictures with Evan the same way I did with Dawson when he was this age. In the same outfit and rocking chair even!
I nearly got cooperation.
Pictures of Dawson:
And... pictures of the brothers...
 The best picture came smack dab in the middle.