Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Homeowners

Well we've done it. We own a home. After signing about 85 pages of telling us we are about to own a home... (let me just say that I hope no one sees Jason's signature and questions it, because by page 85 his signature looked like a letter J with a scribble beside it).

Anyway, we are all moved in. The first night Dawson needed me to stay in his room and pat his back until he fell asleep. I didn't care. He had his own room. Now he's much better. Though he's sick again. And our bedroom is bigger than our whole apartment. Well, it seems that way. I can get from my dresser to the bed without sucking in. There were many people out there who helped us tremendously. You know who you are. I feel like I'm giving my speech at the Oscars.

On to D-Dawg news.
His new thing now is grabbing a kleenex from the box and holding it up to his nose like he's going to blow. Gifted and talented.
I'll leave you with a picture of my little squinty-face...

Friday, February 23, 2007


It's the long awaited for post! Dawson's 1st birthday party!
Oh man, what a day.
When we gave Dawson his cake, I have to admit, I had high expectations. I expected him to dig right in with both hands and start shoving the chocolate into his mouth but he decided not to work that way. He actually just started picking the confetti off the top of the cake and eating that instead. So I got impatient and took his hand and showed him that it was okay to dig right int. That's what good mom's do. He seemed to enjoy the rich chocolaty goodness.

I just couldn't wait to get the pictures of him with his cake smeared all over his face (by the way, he was NOT thrilled about the hat).

 I wanted to get real close so Dawson could see me. And he SAW me! I did not see that one coming.
Jason got me a chocolate fountain for Valentine's Day. So we brought that along for every to enjoy and since we did that, no one ate cake.
 Once the cake was being played with instead of eaten, we called it quits. Then off to the bathtub. He did get chocolate on his pants, so we changed him into pj's for opening gifts.
This was his birthday outfit. Cute ay?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Take a Stand!

 Here's cutie head standing long enough for me to get a picture. At first he's excited. (you can tell by the picture above). Then he wants to tell me a story. "You see mom, daddy was coming at me, and at first I was scared.
Then I realized his muscles are THIS BIG... 
So I looked left to see if I had anywhere to run
 but he got that stupid toy on my head anyway!"

Friday, February 9, 2007


Dawson just absolutely hates us putting his hat on before he gets put in his car seat. Now we know why.
The hat takes over!
I couldn't resist telling Jason to take this picture of Dawson napping on the car ride home from church. This may become a new napping strategy. Perfect way to get his eyes shut.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dinky Farkletush

This post is dedicated to my wonderful friend Dumbo Dippensniffer. (aka Angela Ratliff). The are our newly assigned names according to Captain Underpants. If you were lucky enough to get the forwarded email, you will know exactly what I'm referring too. My whole family is Dinky (me) Snooty (Jason) & Liver (Dawson) Farkletush. Nice to meet you.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Liver Farkletush to post at this time. Things have been kind've busy. But I will hopefully have some by tomorrow or Friday. Just to keep you updated, here are a few of the fun things he's doing.. now that he's almost ONE!

For starters, he is making faces. He has "squinty face" "fish face" and "gorilla lips". All very cute faces but I've not been quick enough to snap a picture of him making any of those faces yet. What personality! He jabbers all day long. I like that word, jabbers.

He has taken a liking to clapping. He's not capable of standing for at least 30 seconds at a time while clapping. I think he's giving me a standing ovation. But he won't try and take steps if that's what he's doing. Instead, he sits down rather slowly and crawls away. It's actually quite a mystery now that I think about it. What is so deserving of applause? He stands, applauds, sits, crawls away. In that order! It's all coming back tome as I write it out! Hmm...

He also has this little "wake up dance" that he does when he wakes up happy. He stands up in his crib and laughs and holds on to the rail while rocking side to side until you pick him up.

He's getting DARING. He thinks he can reach something without having to walk to it and in the process has bumped his head falling several times. He does that often between the couch and his crib. He makes mommy panic. This part of the stage of growth is not for me. If he could climb up on to something he would, but he can't get his little chunky legs up.

He hates shoes. He wont' even attempt to stand up if he's wearing shoes. Although that's sad because he's so cute with shoes on. There's no way to trick a boy into thinking he's not wearing shoes...

Friday, February 2, 2007


There's a trend when you have a son. He owns a lot of BLUE.
 I love blue on my son because he has these beautiful blue eyes and beautiful blue eyes go with any outfit but they look especially good with blue outfits. When I look in the washing machine after I have loaded Dawson's clothes, there are all of these blue clothes, towels, blankets...
I had a boy for a first born.


Dawson was wearing his conehead outfit and I think he looks funny when he has his hat up. So I was taking pictures. When I looked at the pictures I noticed his fistful of apple strawberry puffs in his hand. He's so funny, I put some of his snacky puff things in a bowl for him and instead of grabbing one at a time he goes in with both fists. Then he shoves as many as he can in his mouth.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paper Towel Insert

One time Jason had taken the cardboard paper town insert and was talking through it to Dawson. Then handed it to Dawson to talk into. This worked at first,
 until Dawson decided to eat it instead.