Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Post

We're snowed in. So I figured I could blog.
I was trying to talk Dawson into letting me watch the infomercial for NutriSystem instead of Saturday morning cartoons. I like to see the before and after pictures of people and be inspired to purchase NutriSystem for myself. Then Jason yells at me and tells me no just like all the times when I'm watching infomercials for workout DVDs. Personally, I think he likes my big butt. I gave in and let Dawson watch what he wanted. But I still want to purchase NutriSystem. I should take a before picture of me right this second. I'm dressed for WalMart though. So. Maybe not. Wait. That will actually make my bikini body "after "picture all the more dramatic won't it?! Especially if I frown for the before picture.
I gave up on NutriSystem and let Dawson and Evan watch tv while I made them lunch.
Grilled Cheese and Tater Tots. Yes. All you other moms that made your children Chicken TarTar and Hors d'oeuvres for lunch are wishing you were more like me right now, aren't ya? P.S. -Don't google Chicken TarTar, I made that up. If it were a real food it would most likely taste like crap.
Evan likes to crawl up the stairs, peek out through the top rail guard on the landing, and gaze into the kitchen, hoping Jason or I will notice him.
If we're not around to notice, he'll break out his Shakespeare persona:
"Juliet! Oh Juliet! I will come and rescue you -after you go on the NutriSystem Diet" Dawson doesn't seem too impressed.
Speaking of Evan, isn't he cute when he's all bundled up after a bath? You will be glad to know I cropped out the close-up of my facial hair.
See. Evan was traumatized by it. I'm not growing a beard or anything.
I just ran out of pictures. What else can I talk about?
Did I ever tell you about the 3 times I was nearly kidnapped. Because that's true. All 3 happened on different occasions when I was out jogging alone. Once when I was a chaperon on a J.V. Camping trip, once when I was house-sitting for my sister Karen, and once when I would go jog on my lunch break when I worked for a school district. But, I never did end up actually getting kidnapped, so maybe those stories aren't that great.

One time, we were at WalMart and I was telling Jason about something I wanted to purchase as I was placing creamer in the shopping cart and the guy with the cart said "I'm sorry" and quickly took his cart and ran. He had on a hoodie that was just like Jason's so I didn't know.

Another time, right after I had Dawson, I had a lady ask me if I was pregnant while I was doing sit-ups at the gym.
I think I better give up on stories now.


Anonymous said...

My dearest daughter in law. You are so cute and I love you to pieces.

Anonymous said...

What about when we were in florida and nashty lost the van packet and we had to go to that crazy ladies house. You were sure you were going to be kidnapped.

Miss you!