Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The 1st of Many

We survived Evan's first birthday party. I say "survived" because it implies that the planning and implementing of said party was chaotic. And it was. It was snowing. Dawson desperately wanted to blow up a balloon and continued to make me hold the slobbery end of it when he ran out of breath. Jason kept hanging up the birthday banners that endlessly fell down. AND Evan didn't want to keep his super cute hat on. Other than that, the party was one to be remembered, which is why I did my hair.
Here are Jason and Evan waiting patiently for people to come to the party.
Here are Jason and Evan a little less patient as they wait for people to come to the party.
Then I wanted my turn to wait patiently with Evan. He's still not so patient so I had Dawson jump in, to even things out.
I decided to move locations to incorporate a little excitement into the big day. But I don't like the angle because my nose looks big. I think Evan thought my nose looked big too.
 Dawson thought it was a simple matter to wait patiently with Evan. So I didn't bother telling him that Evan was trying to break out of Dawson jail.
The guests finally arrived. This meant Grammy G and Grandpa finally pulled in the driveway. And then I had this great idea that we should attempt the hat again and turn it around. I mean, why start the party?
 He even thought it was fun to pull the hat off. Probably because he was the center of attention and that's a gene he inherited honestly. From his Aunt Karen.
We started the party off by opening presents because we didn't want him to get cake frosting all over the carpet. Or the wrapped presents. Why add flavor to the paper he was going to attempt to eat? That just encourages bad habits.  We only got one picture of him opening presents though, I just realized. Jason said he took video instead.
Time for cake! I was annoyed because a balloon had fallen off of the back of his high chair which wreaked havoc on my OCD of centeredness (I do not suffer from this plight nearly as much as Jason does). But I did make Jason add the balloon back in order to commence the cake eating.
 Evan doesn't seem too impressed with his glowing, scrumptious, edible cake. Which is probably good, because he didn't get to eat that one.
Here's a better picture of said cake.
This is the Smash cake (as it's apparently called) that was all Evan's. My sister Bobbie has dibs on his leftovers, because she has been jabbering on about the fact that she wants one for nearly a week. Bobbie, once you see the end result, you might change your mind. You can see where Jason "accidentally" bumped his finger into the blue ring of icing on the right hand side. I need to know something. What is the difference between icing and frosting?
Dig in.
I don't know about you, but that is not what I call digging. That is what we called dainty. But he figured it out.
 I don't think he was thrilled that we were invading his cake privacy.
 There we go. Double-Fisting it.
 Time for a family picture with the birthday boy. You know, to stall the icing ingestion.
 Back to the ingestion.
 Is it just me, or does it seem that Evan has an exceptionally large mouth for such a tiny body?
Here you go Bobbie. This is what was left. I think Anita is second in line. If you look carefully at the right of the picture, you'll see the other half of the leftovers in Evan's hand.
Time to clean up. He didn't even throw a fit that we took the cake away. He didn't learn that from me.
Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy! We love you!
P.S. Evan, do you remember being born? Because I remember you being born.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, his mouth looks perfectly sized for his body to me, but then I am a Cook-DePew by birth.

I would ask you to go ahead and ship the leftover cake, Joy, but I know you and you'd go ahead and DO IT! :)

How long was Evan up that night running on sugar? Next year he gets a Coca-Cola Cake, and then you will REALLY have a nice night!

I'm so thankful for him, and so glad that he is a Happy Little Boy. He has terrific parents to thank for that.