Monday, February 25, 2013

The Letter X (and other absurdities)

I think the letter X needs a support group. I'll get to that in just a minute. I have a word to say first, to pharmaceutical companies out there. If you are a pharmaceutical company and you think you continually need to create products that begin with the letter X.. please STOP!
Perhaps you haven't realized that the letter X uses the same pronunciation as the letter Z when it is used to begin a word. (Except in the case of the word X-ray, but that example is only ever used in books to teach babies the alphabet)Therefore, make things simple and use the letter Z from now on to name your products. It makes more sense. I'm actually still troubled over the word Xylophone. (All pharmaceutical representatives can now tune me out and/or quit reading this blog). Back to the letter X support group. All of this being said, don't you feel that poor letter x is getting the disadvantage? It never benefits a word by beginning it. Only by being included in it. Actually, just talking about it has cured me. So. Nevermind on that support group.
I think it's time I let you all know that...
If we leave the bathroom door open, this occurs:
1. Silence
2. Splash, splash, splash
Yes. Evan will play in the toilet bowl. I haven't discovered the amusement by this, but if a few of you will try it and report back to me, it would be greatly appreciated.
That is my final word on absurd matters for today.
But I would like you all to see this awesome picture that Jason took of a snowflake on our kitchen window:

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