Friday, November 28, 2014

A Bipolar Thanksgiving

Surprise! I totally didn't use any of the Christmas headers I had you vote on. Consider this a monarchy. 
All credit for the title of this blog post goes to my sis-in-law Jenessa. She is witty, and I love her to pieces.
Last week I went to Dawson's school to enjoy his classroom Thanksgiving day feast. 
2nd grade girls are enamored with toddlers and Evan was no exception. The girls in Dawson's class fawned all over him and Evan appreciated the attention so I left him in their care and ran a few errands. Dawson played the role of big brother very well and allowed Evan to sit on his lap during the presentation of the meal before they were to eat. They seem a bit bored with the presentation don't they? I believe this was during the making of the friendship salad, and really, they just wanted to get to the part where they actually eat.
After the food was consumed, the students grabbed their journals and were asked to read the page(s) they wrote listing the things they are thankful for:
Just in case you took the time to watch that video, it's my hope that my son was able to inspire you to gratefulness. Specifically for God, candy and pizza.
I'm thankful that Dawson has such a great sense of humor and personality. We are currently taking orders for "Dawson Robot" a creation by Dawson that is being patented so don't even think of stealing the idea.
Evan is not in school, and therefore he had no class Thanksgiving feast to attend. He did this instead:
This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but we had been wanting to update Evan's room a bit so that it was a bit less "nursery room" looking. Jason had the genius idea to look for wall decals at Target a few days ago. He found construction decals and Jason decorated his room that very night, then he surprised Evan with the finished product:
A few pictures of his room.

Finally, we've come to the point in this post where I talk about Thanksgiving. 
It was officially decided about 23 different times that we would have Thanksgiving at our house. Until it was officially decided about 24 times that Thanksgiving would be held at Jenessa and Steve's house. That was the officially official final decision. I was fine with that decision because I don't have fine china. Are paper plates considered to be fine china if I were to decorate them? Because I would totally do that and get a hutch to keep them in. Keep me posted if anyone finds a paper plate gravy boat for sale on ebay. It must be unadorned, however, so that I can decorate it to match my other fine china.
Jenessa and Steve have a beautiful new house. We were happy to celebrate food with family and we decided to let the kids eat first.
Adults are a lot less picky. I'd just like to point that out.
In the meantime I was receiving texts from my family who were scattered all over the world the U.S. for Thanksgiving.
My sister Bobbie was in Florida. The rest of my family was in Indiana...
And of course I was in Colorado. At Steve and Jenessa's house to be precise.

Would everyone take a minute to text my family and ask them to move here? Thank you.
It takes nearly 25 hours to prepare for Thanksgiving, about 10 minutes to eat and then the rest of the day you get to relax. Which is what we did. Evan somehow managed to sucker the family into watching Mighty Machines.
I managed to snap a picture of my foot. Yes, you're granted permission to frame it and hang it over your mantle for Christmas.
I'm feeling rather comatose today and nothing clever is coming to mind. So I'm going to end this post with a picture of the puzzle that Dawson and I just completed. It's not glow-in-the-dark like the one we did last year. But it was half off at Hobby Lobby. So. 
I love family.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Vote

The most wonderful time of the year is Christmas. We won't be voting on that, because I'm stating it as a fact that will go uncontested considering that this is my blog and I'm allowed to declare things.
I have been inundated with all manner of propaganda in regards to whom I should vote for in this upcoming election and why. From television to junk mail, to people physically walking to my house with a clipboard and ringing my doorbell (I run upstairs and hide until they go away, because it's the most sensible thing to do) -voting, is in the air. 
So in the spirit of voting, and Christmas-which is the most wonderful time of the year, as I just declared- I'm asking you to vote. 
Not for a person, just relax.
Although I will take a moment to say that as I was filling out my ballot the other evening, I spent nearly 45 minutes trying to make an informed decision on Colorado judges by going to a website that listed each judge by name and gave a clear and unbiased statement based on lawyers and civilians on whether or not the judge should be retained. I do believe that merits something more than just an "I voted" sticker, don't you? Unless the sticker is 24 carat gold.
That being said.
I have created several holiday headers for the blog. And I'd just like an opinion on which one is your favorite, and therefore should be used as my holiday blog header. The winner will be posted the day after Thanksgiving because we all know that is the tradition in my home for decorating.
And without further nonsensical rambling, I present to you, header #1:

 Header #2:
Header #3:
Header #4:
If I don't receive comments within the next 5 minutes, I will be demanding that you vote by hijacking your tv with all manner of commercials, invading your mail, showing up in ads on FaceBook and coming to your home with a clipboard.
Thanks for voting!