Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Play Dates

Aren't friends great? I love friends. Let me sing a song:
I like friends
They are fun
Don't do drugs
Stay in school
Don't all you recording artists come busting down my door trying to get a piece of my creative music.
I can do an interpretive dance to that song too. I don't know how to blog that.

Several weeks ago, our friends Brad & Angela brought their daughter Addison over to play with Dawson. Dawson is anti-social unless the other toddler in his presence wants one of his toys. I don't know where he gets that, I share everything. Almost. I share some things. Usually. Well, at least I don't yell MINE and grab it back. Only Dawson does that.
Here they are playing in Dawson's pool. I want a little girl so that I can put her in a bikini. The one I bought for Dawson didn't fit.

Dawson is not particularly fond of the towel wrap. You can do it to your kids when you grow up Dawson. That's the cycle of life.
This past weekend, my friend Mindy brought her daughter Cora over to play with Dawson. They drove all the way from Plymouth to play.
Don't eat the toys children.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Family Reunion

Ahh yes, the family reunion! We just got back from having a great time celebrating family. It was a reunion on Jason's mom's side -the Janke's. I think the one thing pretty much everyone was looking forward to was getting all 3 cousins back together again. The first picture is the one we took the first time we had them together. I have no clue how old they were. Maybe 4 or 5 months? And now the moment everyone has been waiting for. The revealing of the 3 cousins... (drum roll please)...
Dawson, Lydia, Owen

Owen, Lydia, Dawson

Too funny! Owen looks tired, Lydia wants nothing to do with the reunion of the cousins and Dawson is wondering why on earth Lydia is so unhappy about getting her picture taken with him.
What fun! We ate. (That's my favorite, of course). There were 6 things Jason and I were determined to get while we were in Cleveland.
  • pepperoni bread
  • coffee
  • these mocha chocolate things that I don't know what they're called.
  • smoked mozzarella cheese
  • French bread
  • salted butter
And they are all gone now. Because we ate them. We love this little place called Rito's bakery. That's where we get the top 3 things. Rito's is good for anything Italian. BUT in order to get the last 3 items we had to go someplace SPECIAL. A place called: West Side Market.

This place is authentic. You can find all the produce you need. A whole pig with the words "Ohio" tattooed on the butt, fish, cow tongue. You name it, they've got it.
it was great seeing the toddlers all interact. Dawson said "NO" to everyone and "mine" and was the naughtiest of all. He will be the bad influence. According to some new stories I was getting from some cousins this time around, he gets that from DADDY!
Gib & Janessa (expecting their first)
Aunt Diana & Uncle Jeff

Jason's uncle Gil and his wife Colleen

Here's all of us mom's together with the kiddo's. Janessa, Ragelle, Kathy and me.

I'm now famous. I'm in a geneology book! Jason's Aunt Diana has gotten a book from some lost cousin that tracks all the way back to the 1590's.
Great times. Wish you were there!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Car.

Here name is "Toyota Corolla S". And she's MINE.
This is my new car!!!
Jason and I (more Jason) had been looking for something different for me to drive for several months now because my neon was getting old and grumpy. First of all, I had been driving without a speedometer for about 5 months. Not that I really need one of those. I thought they were for looks. Second, my car had been jerking for about 4 months. I think it was showing signs of the desire to be a carnival ride but Jason thinks it was the transmission going out. So, we went car shopping several times this weekend and we found this happy car at a dealership in Auburn. Jason and a guy he works with took it for a test drive yesterday and Jason asked me what I thought about it. At first, I was bummed because I had my heart set on this green Honda Civic. I was remaining constant on the demand that I would only drive a car with a cute butt. I also had a crush on VW Jetta's for a long time. Anyway, this car also had a spoiler and I wasn't thrilled about that because I thought spoilers were for people who wanted to be chased by cops. But, I did LOVE corolla's. So Jason had me come and check it out after work yesterday and we took it for a test drive. I begged him to let me have it and the rest is history. It's a 2005 with 48,000 miles on it. And I can hear music through all the speakers! Not just through the back left speaker when it's in the mood.

Look at that butt!

I really like the interior too.