Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Car.

Here name is "Toyota Corolla S". And she's MINE.
This is my new car!!!
Jason and I (more Jason) had been looking for something different for me to drive for several months now because my neon was getting old and grumpy. First of all, I had been driving without a speedometer for about 5 months. Not that I really need one of those. I thought they were for looks. Second, my car had been jerking for about 4 months. I think it was showing signs of the desire to be a carnival ride but Jason thinks it was the transmission going out. So, we went car shopping several times this weekend and we found this happy car at a dealership in Auburn. Jason and a guy he works with took it for a test drive yesterday and Jason asked me what I thought about it. At first, I was bummed because I had my heart set on this green Honda Civic. I was remaining constant on the demand that I would only drive a car with a cute butt. I also had a crush on VW Jetta's for a long time. Anyway, this car also had a spoiler and I wasn't thrilled about that because I thought spoilers were for people who wanted to be chased by cops. But, I did LOVE corolla's. So Jason had me come and check it out after work yesterday and we took it for a test drive. I begged him to let me have it and the rest is history. It's a 2005 with 48,000 miles on it. And I can hear music through all the speakers! Not just through the back left speaker when it's in the mood.

Look at that butt!

I really like the interior too.

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