Friday, February 27, 2015

The Birthday Blog

My mom, my sister Bobbie, Dawson and Evan all have birthdays in the month of February. If my mom or my sister had asked my permission before being born, I'd have suggested an August and September date for them to be sure. Spacial Birthday Planning. 
In honor of their birthdays, here is a picture of me and my mom:
And me and Bobbie:
Dawson asked to do Laser tag this year. Of course, you should all remember that I came in first in a game in Laser tag on a staff retreat one year. "Roxstar".
So, we celebrated his 9th year of life at the Brunswick Zone with 3 of his buddies.
They had the entire laser tag arena to themselves. Is it an arena? What is it? 
 And they were able to play games in the arcade area. Personally, I prefer the game where you sit at the table and check Facebook on your phone. 
Before the party came to an end, Jason gave Evan a Sour Head candy.
 We had a combined party for Dawson and Evan at our house just a few days later.
Look at this cute raspberry filled cake I didn't make. I'll bet you thought it was Godiva Chocolate creme filled. 
I'd like to bring your attention to the way Evan blows out candles:
Is anyone else as annoyed by their own voice on video as I am by mine? I guess I can never be famous. Unless I write a book.
Birthdays bring out the best in siblings. For an hour or two.
 Jason and I took Evan to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday yesterday while Dawson was at school. Of course, we stopped and had pizza at Old Chicago beforehand. We have standards.
Prior to leaving for Chuck E. Cheese, we gave Evan a birthday present. It was a plethora of noise makers, including a kazoo:
Jason has determined that the ceiling at Old Chicago looks like a church basement.
 I forgot my Clorox wipes, so I made Evan wear a hazmat suit to play games. Okay. I also forgot his hazmat suit.
I'll confess that I scoured the room looking for games that had tickets kids left behind and I took them. The ticket muncher never figured it out.
 There is a video of Dawson riding this same thing at the same Germ E. Cheese several years go. 
I'd say his equestrian skills were developed here. Thanks Chuck.
As birthdays go, next year I think we should do a Caribbean Cruise. And I can check Facebook in the lounge while they open presents.