Monday, September 22, 2014


Bozeus. Pronunciation: (Bo-zee-us).
This is the word Evan uses for Bulldozer. Well, actually, I think there's a chance that "Bozeus" is the plural form of the word for Bulldozer and all such construction equipment. He also uses the word Bozea when pointing out a bulldozer or a digger BUT he can say "excavator" which means he might grow up to be a construction worker rather than a trash man like I previously suspected. 
He has a red fireman hat that his Aunt Nessa gave him for Christmas last year and he wears it around the house as a construction worker hard hat. Recently, he donned his hat and decided to wear it in the car for our short trip to pick up Dawson. He made quite a noise in the back seat bossing me to "see a bozeus". As it turns out, we have some construction going on near our house. So I turned my car around, parked my car at the neighborhood near the construction site and walked Evan to the site so that he could see the machines at work. The construction men stared but I stared back. I have a Captain America shield and I could take them all. This set me back in time to pick up Dawson so we had to run back to the car and Evan was unhappy.
No toddler should be unhappy. All manner of screaming, whining, emotional trauma and tears are a result of an unhappy toddler. 
On our way to pick up Dawson I pass the Focus on the Family campus every day. I'm calling it a campus because it's a big sprawling building with lots of land. There is no Focus on the Family college so don't apply and use my name as a reference.
There on the side of the road behind Focus on the Family was a bozeus!
So I did what every great mom would do. 
I picked up Dawson from school and on our way home, pulled into the Focus on the Family parking lot, grabbed Evan and ran to the bulldozer with Dawson trailing behind. 
There were 2 kind construction men talking and working on something near the bulldozer. I walked up to them, introduced myself and told them that Evan would love nothing more than to sit in the bulldozer long enough for me to take his picture and possibly drive it and destroy something important and then I asked if that would be okay. So one of the men walked over and unlocked the door of the bulldozer and went right back to what he was doing.
Evan was excited and terrified at the same time. Like excitified.
I actually had to have Dawson climb in first so that Evan would climb in too.
There was a half full (because I'm an optimist) coke sitting in the cup holder beside the seat but I didn't let Evan drink it. I told Dawson he could though.

 I didn't want to make the kind men wait if they were in need of using the bozeus so I got my pictures, thanked them profusely and ran right back to the car the same way we came.
And now Evan thinks I will do that every.single.time. we see a bulldozer.
I'll end this post by saying that if anyone has construction equipment that they would like to donate to the Evan loves Bozeus cause, please feel free to do so.
Of course you have to hear him say it: