Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Play Dates

Aren't friends great? I love friends. Let me sing a song:
I like friends
They are fun
Don't do drugs
Stay in school
Don't all you recording artists come busting down my door trying to get a piece of my creative music.
I can do an interpretive dance to that song too. I don't know how to blog that.

Several weeks ago, our friends Brad & Angela brought their daughter Addison over to play with Dawson. Dawson is anti-social unless the other toddler in his presence wants one of his toys. I don't know where he gets that, I share everything. Almost. I share some things. Usually. Well, at least I don't yell MINE and grab it back. Only Dawson does that.
Here they are playing in Dawson's pool. I want a little girl so that I can put her in a bikini. The one I bought for Dawson didn't fit.

Dawson is not particularly fond of the towel wrap. You can do it to your kids when you grow up Dawson. That's the cycle of life.
This past weekend, my friend Mindy brought her daughter Cora over to play with Dawson. They drove all the way from Plymouth to play.
Don't eat the toys children.

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