Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dinky Farkletush

This post is dedicated to my wonderful friend Dumbo Dippensniffer. (aka Angela Ratliff). The are our newly assigned names according to Captain Underpants. If you were lucky enough to get the forwarded email, you will know exactly what I'm referring too. My whole family is Dinky (me) Snooty (Jason) & Liver (Dawson) Farkletush. Nice to meet you.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Liver Farkletush to post at this time. Things have been kind've busy. But I will hopefully have some by tomorrow or Friday. Just to keep you updated, here are a few of the fun things he's doing.. now that he's almost ONE!

For starters, he is making faces. He has "squinty face" "fish face" and "gorilla lips". All very cute faces but I've not been quick enough to snap a picture of him making any of those faces yet. What personality! He jabbers all day long. I like that word, jabbers.

He has taken a liking to clapping. He's not capable of standing for at least 30 seconds at a time while clapping. I think he's giving me a standing ovation. But he won't try and take steps if that's what he's doing. Instead, he sits down rather slowly and crawls away. It's actually quite a mystery now that I think about it. What is so deserving of applause? He stands, applauds, sits, crawls away. In that order! It's all coming back tome as I write it out! Hmm...

He also has this little "wake up dance" that he does when he wakes up happy. He stands up in his crib and laughs and holds on to the rail while rocking side to side until you pick him up.

He's getting DARING. He thinks he can reach something without having to walk to it and in the process has bumped his head falling several times. He does that often between the couch and his crib. He makes mommy panic. This part of the stage of growth is not for me. If he could climb up on to something he would, but he can't get his little chunky legs up.

He hates shoes. He wont' even attempt to stand up if he's wearing shoes. Although that's sad because he's so cute with shoes on. There's no way to trick a boy into thinking he's not wearing shoes...

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