Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Redesign.

Jason got me a book about blogging for my birthday. Which I'm still celebrating by the way. So you still have time to send me a gift if you haven't already.
The book details layouts and designs for blogs and features interviews with bloggers who make money blogging. I don't know about you, but the words "blog" and "blogging" are starting to sound weird. All of that to say, the book is the inspiration behind the new design of the blog, AND the inspiration behind this post.
One blogger the author interviewed features a blog she created to showcase pictures of herself in a different outfit everyday to demonstrate to reader's how she dresses and what makeup she's wearing based on where she is going. In addition, she takes fancy pictures of a food item she made and gives the recipe. There are a few other things she features on her blog but it appears that her main readers visit her blog to view those two items. 
She gets 8.3 MILLION blog views a month. 
She makes enough money to blog as her full time job.

Therefore, I have seen fit to insert myself into this category of awesomeness.
Take a look-and let the blog views commence!
Here I am on Monday. Staying home. Like I do
As you can see, I have adorned myself with the standard "lucky I was to able shower, hair in a pathetic ponytail, no makeup (ever)" look.
I've adorned myself with a bleach stained, hole marked, hand-me-down Transformers T-shirt  complete with the stretchy pants that are falling apart at the seam and partially pedicured with chipped mauve polish, bare feet. 
You too, can have this look.
Tuesday's wardrobe was influenced by my need to go to Walmart.
I dressed up a bit for this endeavor by donning my Estes Park sweatshirt accented with coffee and food stains, and a hood string that's been removed. Bonus-I'm wearing the same pants I wore on Monday. Some pants look good paired with any shirt. Once again, the hair and no makeup accentuate the entire look. The pouty lips were for effect.
Wednesday's look was for a day trip to Goodwill. I must say, this sweatshirt is one of Jason's favorites because it says "Precious 59" which makes absolutely no sense and he feels the word "precious" should be included on all shirts these days. You could probably pick up an 
iron-on at your local hobby store. No need to worry about hair for this trip-put your hood up! 
By Thursday I was too lazy to take anymore pictures of myself and really, Monday is the best look for me.
One last word on changing up your shirt options. I keep this gem to wear to bed. Don't short change yourself by thinking you can only wear silk pajamas.

Today's food selection features an elegant spreadable cheese with breadsticks. Make sure your serving tray is clean. And take the picture at an angle to enhance the elegant quality of your work.
You can contact me at any time with questions by:
 1. leaving a comment in the comments section below, or 
2. selecting the "Contact Me" email icon on the right side bar. I'm sure many of you are wondering what photo editing program I used and what name brand clothing I'm wearing. But really, a lot of these looks were accomplished by posing a certain way. I can go into greater detail on that if the questions arise.


Anonymous said...

My only question, Fabulous and Funny and Should-Be Famous Sister, is why aren't you already an 8.5 million viewer blogger already? Already? Also, how early did you have to get up to post this?? Does blogging require early rising? Because if that is the case, I will simply never be one. . . .

Anita said...

Id click the LIKE button on the above posted comment if there was one!! :)