Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Left Justified

Jason felt my blog needed a complete overhaul. And by overhaul, I mean dissect, gut and otherwise maim the previous look of this blog.
Can you tell?
I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to make the blog title (also called the "header") look like a professional designed it. But I failed and for now it's just going to look like I designed it. Because I'm not a professional. Jason said he would use a program we have to design one for me. Compensation will be minimal though. I'm not making money on this blog you know.
I would like it noted that I have "left justified" this post.  I don't like it. But Jason thought everything should be lined up properly so I'm giving it a shot. I'm anti-clutter.
How do you like the new look? Opinions in the comments section (or on the link in FB) would be greatly appreciated. *PLEASE*
I decided to do that line segment because I'm changing subjects. Most people wish I would use a line segment when I'm speaking to them in person because I tend to change subjects mid sentence while talking to a person.
The other day I was rummaging through the pantry trying desperately to find a snack for Evan. This is because he's hit the terrible two's. And I really do mean terrible. Horrible. No Good. Very Bad. During my search, I found the item you see in the picture below:
Dawson apparently wanted to make sure the "Ice Breakers" mints were going to be saved from the clutches of Evan in the event that I was desperately searching for a snack to give to him. There were only a few left in the container, but because I read his note which says: "Do Not Take The Last One It's For Me" smiley, I put the container back in the spot I found it and gave Evan a king size Twix instead. Well, actually I don't remember what I gave him. Probably some fruit snacks.

And speaking of Evan. I've got to go because he just went upstairs to our bedroom and I'm certain I just heard something hit the wall. I hope it's something like a toothbrush and not a bottle of shampoo.


Holly said...

Such a pretty blog make-over!! Can you do mine?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your #1 son knows you REALLY REALLY WELL, Joy!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your header, although it could use a bit of a shadow effect. I am not a big fan of the left justification here. It is 'ordinary'. Go wild, Center Justify!

Yes, it is me.