Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. I love my birthday. It's like Christmas with birthday wrapping paper.
I get to celebrate for several days in a row because I receive things in the mail from my family. And this year, look what else I got in the mail. -Not even family!
El Paso County, Colorado decided to celebrate my birthday. 
Yes. I received my renewed license in the mail. 
The DMV was so proud of my license picture that they actually gave me a GOLD STAR!
Please compare. This is my old license:
I think maybe my days of highlights, mushroom haircuts and lack of pink lip gloss are.over.
Tonight, Jason, Dawson and Evan took me to Roma Villa for dinner. A quaint little (I really do mean little) Italian restaurant where I dined on spaghetti and meatballs, Evan ate his usual -a pile of parmesan cheese,
 and Dawson gave me bunny ears.
When we arrived home, I finally got to open the presents for which I had waited patiently the entire day. What instantly cracked me up was this:
 Jason couldn't find enough birthday wrapping paper for all of the presents so he had to improvise. He didn't even know about my Christmas/Birthday comment I made to commence this blog post. I feel like I need to push my glasses up my nose a little further in these pictures. If pictures were animated I would do that.
Jason's most creative gift for me was the Blog book I'm holding in the picture above. A book about "blogging for passion, profit and to create community". So when I strike it rich from this blog, I'll share my money with Jason. And I'll make sure I remember all of you faithful fans.
Among the birthday blessedness, I received flowers from my kind neighbors, gift cards from Jason's family (already spent) a gift card from my sister (already spent) and a gift card from my place of employment (I would have already spent that, but I have other plans for it).
I'm still waiting on gifts from 2 of my sisters. If either of you are reading this, please let me know what you got me so I can spend it.
With Birthday Love,

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Anonymous said...

Joy, I am SO PROUD of you -- A Gold Star!! I guess that means no one is looking for you to place you in striped coveralls. :) Is it not good to have family to help keep you humble? BTW, what is a 'mushroom' hairdo? I really really really need to make sure I don't have one!! Glad you had a Happy Birthday!