Monday, May 19, 2008

Property Manager

I'm sad to report that after 8 total years of being together, it has become apparent that Jason and I need a property manager. No need to fret, as one has already made himself available us.-This is without even advertising. His name is Dawson. He has excellent skills in this area, though on occasion I have questioned his ability to discern who really does on what. He assures me he is correct so I don't ask anymore.
Case in point:

Dialogue between our new property manager while shopping in Lowe's last evening. (yes, isn't it nice that our property manager agrees to accompany us on outings, should a fight ensue over the ownership of certain items).

Property Manager: Daddy!! Dats Mommy's!!
(referring to diaper bag hanging nonchalantly over daddy's shoulder)
Daddy: Yes Dawson, I'm just carrying it.
Property Manager: Mommy!! Dats Yours!!
Mommy: Yes Dawson, Daddy has to carry it because I'm holding you.
Property Manger: (sucks his thumb, this answer must have been okay with him this time around)

At daycare they have been trying to teach the older toddlers to drink from regular cups rather than a sippy cup. Yesterday I had made chocolate milk to drink with my lunch and I was about to take a drink when Dawson yelled out "Mommy! 2 hands!". Good thing he keeps me in line. I can't imagine the devastation that could have ensued by my one handed drinking binge.

Several of you have been telling us that Dawson needs another sibling. Too bad. I'm not pregnant. But if you'd like to pester Jason at least 407 times a day, I may be in time for Dawson's 30th birthday! But I digress...
The real news is this: Dawson has gone potty in the big potty at daycare 2 times now!!!

I'm so proud to be the mother of a big potty goer. He has tried to go at home but I personally think he just likes like sitting because he doesn't go when he sits on it. Won't Dawson be thrilled to read about this someday?

And while I'm going on and on today about my little potty genius let's talk about oral hygiene.

Here's video I took of Dawson one day while he was playing.

And since I feel the strange need to have a picture on here, this is it:


aunt diana said...

That's too funny about "Mr. Property Manager". Hey - that's great about starting on potty training. Once Dawson has that down pat and is out of diapers, it's time for that little sibling of his - right Jason? lol! Hey, love the video too of Dawson brushing his teeth - he's really growing up! Be sure to check Kelsey's blog to see the new addition to our family!

Gloria said...

That Dawson is quite the talker! I loved seeing his head bob up and down when listening to the music, and then his adorable little laugh!

Grammy G sure misses everyone!

The Robbs said...

hey now! I really thought you might be prego for like a split second.....and i was mad that you hadn't told me first! So i was angry with you for a split second.....but i now forgive you :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

Congrats on your finally getting a property manager!! haha! thats too funny:) love the videos of Dawson too!!
*sorry I haven't left any comments lately...been busy...*

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...i haven't posted anything for haven't posted anything in awhile. I wonder who will post something first!?!?!?!?!? The race is on!!!lol