Friday, May 16, 2008

Wii Partii

How do you like that? My own clever play on words. Partii. ha.
So... Jason and I got a Wii. And we like it.
Do I sound boring today? I'm already feeling like this post needs a shot of espresso.
I'll be right back.

Ahhh. I feel better now. I created that.
I feel it gives expression to my feelings toward espresso.
Steph & Josh came over Wednesday night and brought their controllers and their Mario Kart wheels and we uploaded their Mii's to our Wii board. I wish I had a picture because my Mii is pretty dang cute. We tried to create a Mii for Dawson but they didn't have one that sucks it's thumb.
Here are some pictures and video of our wii partii with Josh & Steph:
And for the record, I beat Jason at boxing the other day!
Since I'm on the subject, here are pictures I took last week of Jason and Dawson playing Jason's PS1. And now I'm trying to talk him into selling it and the games he has for it at our next garage sale. Any takers?
They were playing a racing game and Dawson kept running over trees and getting stuck in corners but he enjoyed it nevertheless.
I have to end this post with 2 videos of Dawson running. This is simply because it cracks me up. Jason finds it most funny that Dawson doesn't move his arms when he runs. Just watch...
I just had a thought. Has there ever been a time on Jeodpardy where all 3 contestants wound up with $0 after waging everything on the final jeopardy round? That would be funny.


Anonymous said...

joy said that she beat me at Wii boxing...what she didn't tell you is that she plain flat-out knocked me out in the first round! Don't mess with her! - Jason

Angela said...

Dawson needs a little sib. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome to the Wii family! If you guys get your Wii connected to the internet and get Mario Kart, let us know we'll play you online! Congrats on your purchase! What are your plans for memorial day weekend? We should be in the area, give us a call and maybe we could do Jim's and play some Wii?? Are you uyp for it, huh...huh...huh?
-Male Lurker

Kristin said...

Are Wiis the best??? Did you get Wii Fit? LOVE. IT. So much fun!