Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend.

It’s time to report on our Easter weekend.
Friday, we went to Wal-Mart. Good Friday and we spent it at Wal-Mart.
What is wrong with us?
We need more friends.
Speaking of friends (was that great transitioning or what? Not even alluding to a tangent!)
Saturday, Ashley, Audrey and Andrew came over.
Audrey loves me.
See how she smiles for me when I ask her to?

Ashley and I tended to Audrey all evening while Andrew did this:

We played Wii, and ordered Jim’s pizza.
You need to see what Jim’s pizza looks like.

A&A ordered the regular pepperoni version which you see on the right of the picture. We ordered LIGHT pepperoni, because we know what the extra 100 pepperonis will do to our intestines that they put on the regular version.
Actually, it was Jason’s turn to choose which type we ordered. I usually opt for Light Ham, green olives and onion. My intestines soak that goodness up like its Metamucil.
All that to say we love having the Bigelow’s over.

On Easter Sunday,
We went to the first service at church which was at 8:15! Hello! We went to the grandma-grandpa service! I still don’t know how we got up and around that early but we had nursery duty for the second service so we had to choose wisely and that seemed like the better option. Going to the third service would not lend us enough time to do Easterly things such as hunt for Easter Baskets:

Dawson will hunt for an Easter basket, but not for Easter eggs. What psychologist out there can clue me in on that?
Later we colored Easter eggs.
Which I’m gonna be honest here. I thought it would be fun to color Easter eggs with Dawson. I had only 8 eggs for us to color and I wanted to finish up so fast because Dawson was ready to flip dye all around our house and smash eggs into furniture. Hopefully he has matured by next year’s egg coloring day.
Before heading over to my sister Karen's house for a birthday/Easter party,we had just enough time for some R&R:

I’ll leave you with my little bunny clad sweetie.
"Huh? Oh, I have bunny ears on?"


ashley said...

hey :) we had fun on saturday night! so glad we were finally able to get together. umm afraid to say that i kinda think audrey looks scared in that first pic....but i know she loved having you dote on her! :) she can't stop talking about how much fun you were! :)

Grammy G said...

Love those bunny ears! That's my little funny bunny!