Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Saturday was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining. Birds were chirping. Ducks were quacking.
So we took Dawson to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (that’s a link). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since Dawson is still the tender age of 3. Would he get bored? Would he like it? When I called to find out pricing, etc the info operator told what exhibits they have. One of those being a Dinosaur exhibit. BINGO. Dawson wants to be a dinosaur, so we knew this was the perfect place to take him. (Remember that later when you watch the video of him screaming and running away from the dinosaur exhibit.)
And we're off..
Dawson thinks he's the absolute coolest with sunglasses on. Just look at him. He is.
Dawson talked about dinosaurs the whole ride to Indianapolis. He was quite excited.
When we got to the museum we figured we better just start with the dinosaur exhibit. We were afraid Dawson would have a melt down if we didn't get there soon enough.
He warmed up to them eventually.
He even made me sit through a presentation by a cowboy.
I think Jason and I were both amazed at how interactive the museum was for children Dawson's age. We both commented that the trip was worth the cost for the admittance fee.
There was an exhibit dedicated to superheroes.
The batmobile from the "Dark Knight" was on display.
There was "LegoLand"
Who are the geniuses that can build these things?
There was a train station. Well, station as in exhibit. But I'm crafty with my words.
Dawson was scared of the train and wanted out. So of course Jason took joy in holding him hostage.
This blown glass art sculpture is at the center of the building. I really wanted to break a piece off and bring it home but I couldn't reach it.
There was a dragon room. This guy is eating a Christmas ornament for whatever reason.
There is a portion on the top floor called "The Power of Children." This is dedicated to 3 children who have made an impact in the world: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges and Ryan White.
I remember watching the Ryan White story in 8th grade. It was amazing seeing all of his stuff on display. It's all from the 80's when Jason and I grew up.
Max Headroom
GI Joe action figures
"Guess" Jeans
Jason snapped these pictures of things on display in the Anne Frank portion. We both particularly found the book to be very interesting.
There was a center that was built specifically for children his age. So we stopped and played a while.
Before we left we headed back to the dinosaur display for once last look around. We hoped Dawson we be more open to the exhibit this time around. He was afraid this time because they simulated a thunder storm in the room.
In all, we spent 2 1/2 worthwhile hours at the museum.
Then we were getting hungry and headed to Buca Di Beppo.
It was prom night so all these highschoolers had reservations to every restaurant we could ever want to wait in line for for over an hour. And of course all the prom goers were making out in line. Gross.
Dawson was hungry so that made him a little less hyper while we waited for food.
You can see in this picture he's a good little angel and I had confiscated his coloring page because it had one of those "find what is different" scenes and I love those. You can see by the look on his face that something is coming though...
And there it is. Our entertainment for the evening.
We were well worn out so after we ate we headed home.
This happened well within the first 15 minutes that we got into the car.
He's so cute when he sleeps.


ashley said...

what a fun trip! now i see where jason learns all his funny tricks - putting things up his nose! silly dawson :)

michelle said...

we were just at the children's museum in february. i sat on that same bench in legoland (and farted!)

♥ Aunt Diana said...

That sure looks like an awesome children's museum - how fun! Wish we would've had a neat one around here like that when our girls were little - we just took our kids to the West Side Market for entertainment - lol. I love the picture in the train - great look on Jason there! Man, Dawson is really looking big in these pictures - are you guys feeding him spinach or something? Can't wait to see you all next month:) ♥

Anonymous said...

awww...yea he is soo cute when he sleeps!! i hope i look that cute too!! ;) lol. ANd my mom is TOTALLY lying about taking us to the west side market for entertainment when we were younger! I dnnt go there for the first time till we went w/ you guys a couple years ago!!! :) Ohhhh...i'm stilll SOOO excited for next month!! :) yeayy!! Well, anyways...i know for sure what museum i want to take my kids to one day....looks like we'll have to be taking a little of a road trip tho! But it's all good!! :) I just hope my kids can handle the dinosars; i prob. wouldn't know what to do if they started freaking out...they'd prob make me scared of them too actually....my poor husband....lol :)

Grammy G said...

Thank you for a day in the life of the Wilkins family's trip to Indy's childrens museum. I remember taking Jason there when he was little - I am sure it has changed in 30 some years.
Love the pics - my grandson it such a cutie!