Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Visit with Victor

Welcome to Victor, Colorado. 
Not you, just me. I was the one who took the picture so I'm invited. I love this little ghost town. Jason is scared of it. Every time I got out of the car to take pictures, he would yell "hurry up and get back in the jeep, we look like creepers!"  I don't know about you, but I thrive on creeping. Yeah, I don't really. We were recently cautioned by our neighbors that we shouldn't get out of the car if we visit there. I can't remember why though. Maybe we'd get shot by the few people that actually live there. Pshaw. No one has ever seen how fast I can dodge a speeding bullet! Because, I never have. So. I really wanted pictures, so I threw caution to the wind. Why do people say that anyway? You can't throw caution.
First Stop:
Who can pass up a store called Kinnikinnik?! Jason wouldn't let me get out of the car for this one. He took the camera and did an inconspicuous point and click and hoped he got the words in the picture because he knew that was the important part to me. I find it odd that there is a glass lamp shade sitting on a chair outside the store. Here is another important detail. Kinnikinnik was OPEN for business, had we dared to venture in! Someone should name their kid Kinninkinnik. Do it.
Look. Here is a non-creepish shot of the actual little town, full of its dilapidated buildings. I do believe my mom instilled in me a love for old buildings. I'm not sure why I think that. She used to collect old bottles. Maybe I related the two somehow. I do know that when I was growing up, we had a house by ours that we affectionately called "The Haunted House" because it was old and falling apart and I always wanted to go in it. But I didn't want to find a dead body or a ghost.
If you keep going down the road, which Jason felt the need to do to keep me from getting out, you find this:
Who wouldnt' want to drive this home to mama? Here it is when I saturate it in color:
You have to turn around once you drive past the truck because it's a dead end. Sometimes I think my end is dead. At least I would, if it made any sense.
Look at these neat super-old-falling-apart-crappy-paint-job buildings!
My guess is that the windows are all boarded up so that people don't go inside and loot. Because I know there are treasures in there. Like, dust. And pitchforks.
Now I know this building has something exciting inside! Like wooden spoons.
I don't have anything to say about this old mine. It probably has dirt inside.
This is the pretty view surrounding the town of Victor. I can't really say "This is the pretty view surrounding Victor" because it implies Victor is a person and not a town and I don't like the structure of that sentence.
Bobbie, this picture is for you. I'm not sure why I wanted to take a picture of this storefront and show it to you, or why you came to mind when I saw it, because I don't, in any way, think the mannequin looks like you. Or is dressed like you. Maybe I think you'd pose like that for a picture? No, I'm just kidding. But I did think of you and wanted this picture for you to see, so there you go. I'm going to guess that store 108 1/2 wasn't open.
Our last stop on the way out of town was to an old mine. Not the mine in the previous picture a bit ago, but a different mine.
I think Dawson looks a bit like he's afraid the big cables are going to attack him.
He looks happier in this picture. More like he's standing in front of a huge spool of thread.
Here's a picture of the gear box. Every person should own a picture of a gear box in a mine, wouldn't you say?
I don't know what this is. But it seems important in the grand scheme of mining.
This room could use a little TLC.
The boys in front of an elevator.
This was under the elevator. Jason was curious.
So he decided crawl down there and get a picture to see how far down the hole went.
Pictures of the side of a mine are prized possessions this year. Get yours today.
Last picture. Do you see the outline of a Christmas Stocking in Christmas lights?


karen said...

Awesome.. if we ever come out to Colorado eerrr I mean when we come out to Colorado we will need to visit this old mine! It looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE Poor Dawson is scared of the giant turbine engine hauling gigantic rusty cables, are you crazy!? Does he have nightmares now? Because I WOULD, and I'm even standing in the nearby window of Store 108 1/2, because it does so look just like me.... I'm so sorry, Joy, but you have to admit it, it just does. The shame fits. I also agree with Jason, I don't like the creepy old places, and you shouldn't get out of the car!!

However, I am thankful that you made it back to post the wonderful video by Beth Moore, because it was so good; Thank You.

Anonymous said...

When Karen comes to Colorado and I come with her, I want to go in the Kinninninick for a green river, I'm pretty sure they have them there, I can tell these things even from several states away, it's a gift.
cousin deb.