Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy! Watch This!

Mommy! Watch This! 
This is Dawson's new favorite saying. So in light of having just celebrated Mother's Day I thought that would be an appropriate title for this post. -And of course this post is the complete source to all things that occurred on my Mother's Day.
Because I may never get over it, I need to remind every one that I didn't get any pictures of me and Dawson on my very first Mother's Day. So every year I make Jason take 100. Or at least 2.
This year's Mother's Day gifts included:
A card Dawson colored for me at Sunday School:
Look what was inside:
His handprint! Awww!
From Jason and Dawson I got
* A Bag of Toblerone miniature candy
* The Madagascar 2 DVD for Dawson and I to enjoy
* The new Hillsong United album "This is Our God"
After Church we headed to my mom's house to celebrate.
We ate Papa John's pizza for lunch. Is that homeless?
If you knew where my mom lived, you would realize our options were quite limited. So I believe apologies are in order for all those nasty thoughts out there.
My niece Felicia came over and I was so excited to see her. She's 5 months pregnant. 
My butt is bigger than her prego belly.
Isn't she cute?!!
About this time, my sister Anita mentioned that our dad said he would feed us steak if we would be willing to all stop by his house on the way home. I told my mom if she'd feed us steak, maybe we couldn't be lured away like that.
But we did go to my dad's house.
I will mention here that my sister Anita has a Teacup Pomeranian named Poppy, and a Terrier named Mischa. Dawson loves those dogs. Nita let us take Poppy with us to dads house.
You can't see it here, but Poppy barked the whole way there.
Dawson thinks this dog is the best thing next to Spider-Man shirts.

Now for dad pictures, even though it wasn't Father's Day. (The steak was good. So I thought we should take pictures.)
This is a family oriented blog. So I took it upon myself to censer all signs of the Milwaukee's Best my dad drinks that show up. I do not endorse alcohol here. 
Besides, they don't pay me advertisement rights.

Dad won't admit it, but he likes Poppy. He calls him "a dog that makes sense".
That's his way of saying a dog is likable.

See, he likes the dog:
So that Mischa doesn't get jealous of all Poppy's exposure time:
I convinced dad to let me take a picture of the two of us.
Happy Dad

Grumpy Dad

My dad is always happiest when he's with his daughter Joy family.
My nephew Mikey -whom I never get to see- with Dawson. 

Dad has a little Powerwheels tractor at his house for Dawson to drive around.
The only problem is, Dawson can only drive in circles...
He talked his cousin into a joy ride in the bucket
On the way home from Gramps' house, exhausted but happy:
And the icing on the cake to complete a very happy Mother's Day?:
We saw it just as we were almost home and it looks like it's right over our house -which means I'm obviously a good mother.


ashley said...

joy! i must say your hair is lookin mighty fine these days! and that's a great new look dawson was sportin!

oh and just this morning i was lamenting over the fact that i didn't get a stellar pic of audrey and me on my first mother's day either :(

where are the dad's on that?!

J said...

see i told you your hair looks great straight! love the pics of you. and your (ross) shirt and're one hot momma!

Gloria said...

I just love the first several pictures of you and Dawson. You look so beautiful - love the hair! And Dawson's new hair cute is cute! It makes him look so grown up now. Especially when he was driving the tractor in circles all by himself. My Dawson is a cutie, just like his mom.

Glad you had a good Mother's Day and that you got lots of new pictures this year.

Gloria said...

Dawson looks like a real famer driving that tractor, chewing gum and all... or is it tobacco????

Anonymous said...

this is aunt bevo. I don't know how to post a comment but am trying after reading about your lovely mother's day. Sorry but I loved every bit of it! Proves your are truly one of the great Mom's to be counted among us! love you JD