Friday, May 15, 2009

My Mommy is a Poopy Head!

That's what I overheard Dawson yelling out to his friend Xander when I went to visit him the other day at daycare while I was on lunch. However, in my son's defense:
Xander started it.
I just have to show off these adorable pics of my little man in his tuxedo. They were taken at my beautiful sis-in-law's wedding.

When it was my turn to walk down the aisle, Dawson panicked and came running after me, so he actually ended up walking down the aisle with me, rather than with the flower girl like he was supposed to. I hope he's not codependent.

Perfect pic with him and his grandpa G.

I just realized there are a lot of shots of my leg in these.

I see Dawson's eyes scouring the room looking for a familiar face. This was when they walked in as they were introduced at the reception. I think he found me eventually. I hid under the table so that I could finish eating my cake withouth having to share it. Not really, everyone knows how long you have to wait at a reception before you get cake!
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Gloria said...

My Mommy is a Poopy Head.... How funny. Dawson probably gets that from his Dad!

Not really....

I never get tired of seeing these wedding pics of my favorite Grandson!