Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Were You Waiting For This?

Joy’s blog reporting coming straight at ya with an endless supply of poop for your viewing pleasure.
This month’s pick of the week:
Poop in the bathtub.
Ahh yes.
This particular night I had given Dawson a bath and let him play while the tub drained when I realized I forgot to get a towel for him. So, I left him in the tub and ran to grab a towel from the hall closet. Seriously 30 seconds here folks. That’s all the time it takes for a young child’s bowels to come forth and conquer.
Dawson seemed quite happy with his accomplishment.
I made him scoop it up and put it in the toilet.
Please tell me you didn't think I was serious about that.

1 comment:

Grammy G said...

Good for you, in making him clean it up. Will this boy ever get potty trained??