Thursday, May 28, 2009

Que Sera Sera

This picture was set as my wallpaper on my computer at work. I have a program that cycles through pictures randomly and this one showed up today.
I’m thinking of keeping Dawson in onesies until he’s 15, by the way.

Now I have GOT to tell you about the amazingness that is my sister Bobbie. She said for her birthday she wanted to make a necklace similar to one she found in a gift shop for an outrageous price. Why pay $999,999.99 if you can make it yourself? That’s what I always say. Unless I win the lottery. Then I’ll quit buying my clothes at Wal-Mart.
Take a look at the necklace she made!

And that’s not all. She zoomed in on the flower and took a picture of it for me because she made this flower too!

How did this gene skip me?! I’ve got nothing I tell you! I can’t decorate cakes, create awesome necklaces, crochet or knit!
I guess I do create beautiful children.
Is that a hobby?

This picture of Dawson was sitting on my other sister’s dresser when we were at her house on Monday for Memorial Day. (More on that tomorrow hopefully).
Pink Barbie Glasses are the future of boy toddler swimmers.

Dawson made a request last night that Jason shave off his stubble. Jason was reading to Dawson while he was laying in bed and Jason bent over to give Dawson a kiss goodnight. Dawson pushed him away and said “I don’t like your scratchies daddy!” Jason promptly reminded Dawson that he would have a 5:00 shadow someday. I was disturbed by that.

And to all a good night.


Grammy G said...

I love that picture of Dawson eating spaghetti - gosh it seems like just yesterday.
How funny that Dawson said I don't like your scratchies... smart kid!

Thanks for giving me glimpes into my grandson's life since I am not there to see him grow up!

Daisy Path said...

that flower is gorgeous! she needs to open up an online store at and sell those! wow! and as far as your hobby...well there is a name for being addicted to creating beautiful children. are you talking about the actual creation of beautiful children or the process that takes place to create beautiful children? hmmmm?

Sarah said...

Darn it! I saw that you tagged me for the 8 things thingy.... hhhhhuuuu.... Great, that probably means I need to follow up on that or you won't be my friend anymore. Dang it. FINE! (I really DON'T have multiple personalities....)