Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

My son has taken to napping in the oddest of places.
He just takes his blanket and goes wherever he feels led. I wonder if he'll take his blanket if he's ever called to be a missionary someday. I'll make a note about that and put it in his keepsake box for a future reminder just in case he forgets to take a blanket if he's a missionary some day. I like to plan ahead. And make lists.
When our sis and bro-in-law came a few weeks ago I found him napping in their dog cage. They brought along their dog Sydney. I begged for a dog for Mother's Day but I didn't get one. Does anyone feel sorry for me? Send me letters.
You'll notice in this pic he's got his pacifier. There are just some days a child needs a pacifier. This must have been one of those days. I keeping it too, because I'm going to make him use it still when he's 18. During the times he begs for money.
This one isn't odd but I love that he fell asleep holding his brand new airplane that Aunt Di Di and Uncle Jeff got him. It took him less than 5 minutes to destroy when he got home, by the way. He gets that from his dad. Always taking things apart to see how they work. I would say he'll be an engineer when he grows up, but then if he's called to be a missionary, he'll need his blanket, and engineers usually don't need blankets. I just made that up.
Skipping subjects, I have to post a picture of the goodness that is Jack Frost doughnuts. I've talked about them before, but I finally managed to get a picture of them for the world to value.
You have no way of knowing whether there are any missing...
One night we had family time and Dawson wanted to get the playdough out. Saw I got all creative and made a turtle with my playdough. My turtle looked like a rock with white pegs for eyes. Then what does Jason do???
He copies off of me and makes his own turtle.
Show Off.
So I've been crazy busy lately and realize I have no readers left.
Will you forgive me if I post this?


ashley said...

you are forgiven! dawson looks so big in that picture of him sleeping in the carseat. someone needs to tell this babies to stop growing! :)

Nita said...

I thought for sure you were going to say Jason took your brown turtle and made it into a
Ya Dawson looks really big in that picture of him sleeping in the car seat. It doesnt even look like him

michelle said...

i've missed you my friend! thanks for the laughs! please don't wait so long to post again!

by Flick said...

ok...i wish you would stop taking pictures of some other boy who is obviously not your boy b/c he is toooo big to be your boy! it's really getting on my nerves! heehee. but may not want to hear this...but he looks so big! wow! i'm so glad peanut isn't growing. i'll just keep putting bricks on her head. haha.
love ya!

Aunt Diana said...

Love Dawson's diff. sleeping places - how cute! Although the picutre of Jason & Dawson is pretty interesting, maybe actually kinda gross with how it looks like they're one person w/ 2 diff. heads, ewe! Awe - glad Dawson had fun w/ the airplane even though I knew it wouldn't last too long - those kind never do. Yumm - and seeing those Jack Frost donuts now are making me hungry for them.