Monday, June 15, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

I couldn't handle all of the comments about how big Dawson is getting so I decided to scan a few I had from last summer. When he was younger. And had blonder hair.
We were at my dads house. You can clearly see that Dawson gets farmers tans just like his daddy.
I'm thinking my highlights look just like his in this picture. Why do I have to pay so much for mine? It's a scam!
This face is all me.
On to a story. Not "the" story. But a story.
Several weeks ago we brought home Dawson's daycare report that had a little story on it about a prank Dawson and few others in his class decided to play on their teachers. I will not put it past him any longer to pull pranks. I thought 3 was too young for that, but apparenently not. Although, I don't think this was his idea! It had to have been Xander's idea. Xander is 3 also. But he has a prankster brain.
This is the report:
There is nothing on the other side (as indicated by her arrow) other than their prayer they say at lunch which she wrote out for me so that I wouldn't forget.
As the story goes,
Dawson, Xander and Graceson thought it would be funny to hide from their teacher after lunch. There is a table in the kitchen area that is blocked off by a play kitchen set. When she rounded up the toddlers after they ate and got them all back in their classroom she did a little count and realized 3 kids were missing. She panicked and looked in the kitchen and called out their names but she didn't see them and they didn't make a peep. (side note, that is highly unusual for Dawson, when I call his name and he's hiding he always says "I'm right here" and gives himself away). But this time they were in the kitchen and remained silent. So their teacher went looking all over for them and then went back to the kitchen and saw their legs poking out under the table. They got a good talking to. We had Dawson apologize to his teacher.
We're pretty proud of his pranking ability though.
I have a feeling I'm going to be called to the principals office on numerous occasions.
I'll have a time here soon when I can write about all the lovely schemes Jason has pulled in his day.
And now moving on to the "the" story.
Last week was a long week!
Jason was in Ohio, directing camp for 100 junior highers which left me at home alone with Dawson, which I didn't want to project over the internet for all my killer reader's.
My hours at work changed as well so I had to be at work by 7:00 a.m. and that time doesn't mix well with Dawson's sleeping habits. We made it through the week though, and on Friday I dropped Dawson off to stay the night with my sister and I drove to Ohio to meet up with Jason so that I could go to Kings Island with them.
I rode their new ride "The Diamondback". Yes I am cool. I kept my eyes closed the entire ride.
Our feet hurt also, when we got back to the camp.
Cry me a river.
All that to say that our family was a unit again by Saturday night. So we decided to make Sunday a family day. We had nursery duty at church, then we wanted to take Dawson to the zoo after church.
We stopped at Applebee's for lunch.
Our waiter was really nice and he didn't pick on me for needing 20 creamers to put in my coffee. Jason says I need to order milk, with a couple shots of coffee, because that's how I drink it. Anyway,
we ordered the 2 for $20 deal. Isn't that a good deal? Dawson shared my fries and chicken tenders with me so it's really like getting 3 for $20.
When it was time for us to pay the waiter brought over this little card and said "your meal has already been taken care of, but the customers who bought it wanted to remain anonymous". This is the card he handed to us:
I felt quite blessed when we left.
Then Jason and I got talking about it, and I wondered if maybe they were challenged to do that in church that morning, so they scoured the entire restaurant looking for the table with the least amount of people so it would cost less? That's probably what we would do...
And that's THE story.
Then we went to the zoo and rode the train that goes 1 mile an hour and Jason fed the goats while all 30 of them mauled him for the food and I laughed til I peed my pants. Then they ran out of goat food and we still had 2 tokens left so we had to buy 2 humongous suckers in the gift shop because they wouldn't exchange the tokens for money. Scammers!
Then we got ice cream on the way home.
And I wish everyday were like that.


Gloria said...

Dawson sure has grown in just one year - cute pictures. I still crack up when I think about him and his friends... just wait, his pranks will only get worse. How neat that your meal was paid for by someone! I am going to try that sometime!

Sarah said...

I love how you jump from one thing to the next, to the next. It makes me happy. I wish more people were able to keep my attension by doing that. I wish more people would pay for my meals too... Oh, and get me an iPod. I dont; have one... boo.

Aunt Nita said...

I want to see pictures from the zoo!! Cant wait.....

♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

ohhh!! what a cute story there. ("the story" that is) You know what??? Victor goes to applebees quite alot; maybe this time he went to the one you guys were at and recognized you and wanted to pay!! that's really neat tho. And Dawson just cracks me up! (i think i've said that sooo many times in comments!) can't wait to hear of his other pranks in the future!!haha. :)