Monday, June 22, 2009

Dawson's 1st Sunburn. :(

Happy Day of the Fathers!
2 days late and a dollar short. Though I may find change in the cushions of our couch.
Of course every year Jason gets his picture taken with his son on Father's Day because I am the type of person who remembers such minuscule things such as taking pictures on a day that might matter down the road... Did I mention I don't have a picture of me and Dawson on my first Mother's Day. I'm sure I haven't.
Just look at my 2 handsome men.
The polo shirt Jason has on is courtesy of me for one of his Father's Day gifts.
I did good. I just hope it doesn't shrink.
Jason got 2 new Polo shirts from Old Navy, I let Dawson pick the other one out. A pair of tongs to use for grilling. Which, Jason thinks he should take over for the grill master Steven Raichlen because he's that good. Maybe get his own tv show. And he also got a mousepad with a picture of him and Dawson on it. But I have to say, this year I picked out the BEST Father's Day card:
Jason won't even let me mow the lawn, because he has to have those perfect hash marks that are criss-crossed. Another reason I'm glad I married an OCD. Less work for me.
Speaking of which, the picture is not centered on the card and that bugs me.
After church on Father's Day, rather than going out to eat, because Jason wasn't hungry, we went home, changed out of our church clothes and headed to my dad's house. I was STARVING so what did I get to eat on Father's Day? An english muffin. That is poop crap.
Here is a pic of my handsome daddy when he was in the Air Force:
I pick his brain all the time about the years he was in the air force. One of the best stories he's given me is the fact that he was the only one who could save money. So he started a little prosperous venture by loaning out his money to some of the other guys, with interest. When it came time for roll call, dad could be anywhere-in bed asleep or even off base...because the person doing roll call actually owed dad money.
My dad, the bank.
It was crazy hot on Father's Day and as you can see, I happened to dress Dawson in a sleeveless shirt. We didn't pack him any sunscreen. I associate sunscreen with pools, which is why I loaded him down with SPF 45 that I grabbed at my sister's house to go swimming later that evening.
But later that evening doesn't negate the sun that happened earlier in the day, now does it?
Now how pathetic is that little face looking at me like I'm the bearer of all sunburns? Some of these pics are fuzzy because Dawson wouldn't stand still long enough for me to focus.
>span style="font-family: Arial;">He's starting to notice how bad I feel about him being sunburned. Look at this face.
It doesn't take me long to tell him awesome sunburns are. Little boys with sunburns can have popsicles, and suckers.
He seemed happy with that.


ashley said...

his awesome are so blue in that last pic. i bet it just about broke your heart seeing him with a sunburn!

ashley said...

uh that was supposed to say eyes! :)

Gloria said...

Ah, hope Dawson's sunburn is better now. So glad you got Jason some "NEW" shirts! It looks good on him. And I was cracking up at the Father's Day card you got him. That is so fitting.

Aunt Diana said...

Love the Father's day shirt - good taste! Those are cute pics. of Jason & Dawson too. Ouch, poor sunburned Dawson:( If it ever happens again & it hurts him real bad, Solarcaine spray and aloe vera gel do wonders. Noxzema also does great in keeping the hot skin cooled down.

♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

ohhh man, i'm loving that father's day card!!lol ewwww!! And i never knew ur dad was in the air force!!! wow! Oh, and you better start explaining to Dawson before it gets too late that sunburns aren't as great as they are made out to be. That could end up becoming a big problem in the future if he is always wanting to get them!!!hahaha. :) man, i wish my mom gave popsicles and suckers when i have sunburn; she just yells!!lol