Friday, February 26, 2010

Where Was I?

Do any of you remember December 25, 2009? (Look Michelle! I fixed it just for you!) Because I’m about to inform you of what happened on that day in our household. I have to do this due to my compulsion to be chronological. I cannot move forward without back posting. It’s nature’s way.So,Dawson managed to sleep in on Christmas morning. No getting up at 2 a.m. and sneaking downstairs to open presents then re-wrap them like Jason used to do. I kind’ve wish he had in a way though, because that would add so much to his already sporadic personality.It’s a tradition that we get pictures on the stairs when we all get up and get ready to eat breakfast then open gifts. I made Dawson pose a thousand times. He did fairly well, considering the fact that he was showing great restraint to get down the steps and rip into his presents. Actually, I’m probably worse about that than he is.

Then I had him pose in front of the tree. Pure torture now. The presents were within arm’s reach. Then I made him wait while I opened a present first. KIDDING.

But wait. Now it’s time to get FAMILY pictures. Oh yeah. We don’t mess around on Christmas.

Now it’s time to open presents. That feels quite funky to type out in February.

I do have to tell you that I'm most proud of my water bottle that Jason got me for Christmas. Do you know that just about ALL of my coworkers own one of those? Yeah. It was peer pressure that wreaked havoc on my Christmas wish list this year.
The bombdiggity of all gift bags I set before you

And..A video of a Christmas boy's dream come true:


michelle said...

i don't know where i was on december 25, 2010...i mean i don't know where i WILL be because, my dear friend, i hate to point out that date in history is not actually historical...its futuristic! hasn't happened yet...unless you have a Dalorian (or whatever Michael J Fox's vehicle was called in back to the future)... :-)

Daisy Path said...

you really are back. yeah!!!! i have missed seeing your posts. looks like you had a great Christmas. did you get a transformers too? (i just had to type "egats" for my word verification. is that like egads?)