Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bonding with Icing.

I couldn't very well use "Decorating Christmas Cookies" for my title for 2 reasons.#1. It's too boring. #2. I think I used that title last year.The other tradition we have in our household is to decorate Christmas cookies. You can be sure, this is my last Christmas post and I'm psychologically ready to move on.
The mentally disturbing cookies were decorated by Jason and Steve. The cookies I decorated ended up being gloppy masses of frosting with a bad attempt at food art. But Food Network could still take some valuable tips from me. Such as never let your 3 year old hold the bottle of sprinkles to decorate his cookies.Dawson helped Grammy G make peanut butter blossom cookies. His role was easy. Just unwrap the Hershey kisses and put the chocolate in a bowl. You can tell by his concentrated look that he was up to this challenge. As a matter of fact, I secretly kept taking the kisses he unwrapped out of the bowl and re-wrapped them. 

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe how big Dawson is getting! he looks more like his daddy the older he gets! time to give him a lil sis or bro? :-) glad you guys are enjoying your new life in Colorado.. even if we do miss you guys!!