Wednesday, January 10, 2007


When Dawson first learned to pull himself up, I didn't know he was capable. I happened to be sitting in the living room and I wanted to eat, so I sat him in his crib to play so that I could eat in peace. His crib is in the living room (isn't that where all cribs are when you live in a 1 bedroom apartment?) so I put tome toys in there with him and sat on the floor at the coffee table to eat. (We don't have space for our dining table since Dawson's crib took its place). I heard Dawson chatting away and there he was standing up in his crib holding on to the railing and gnawing the with his 2 1/2 teeth. (his top teeth aren't all the way in yet). 
Of course I scream with glee and run to grab the video camera knowing full well that if I make him lay down he will go right back at it because he's determined that way. Then I grabbed the digital camera and took these shots. As far as I know this was his first time actually being able to stand up. The lady at his daycare said he had been trying to pull himself up but wasn't quite strong enough yet. (I hope she wasn't lying to make me feel better). He could reach right up to the window in the kitchen so I had to take everything down from there because he nearly broke it all with one fatal sweep into the sink below.

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