Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Growing Up Dawson

I ran out of pictures to post because I will have to get the camera and upload more to the computer. So I grabbed the little book of things Jason and I had written down about Dawson complete with a bunch of his little quirks. Some things were just things we remembered and really have nothing to do with his personality. Since he has gotten older and has so much more personality now, we are noticing many more fun things about him. Maybe I'll just start from when he was born and work my way up...

  • We had a little cat attached to Dawson's car seat that vibrated and rattled when you pulled its tail. Dawson couldn't reach it so when he cried and cried we would pull it and he would calm down instantly. Then one day when he was about 6 months old, we were driving and all of a sudden we hear this rattle noise over and over and over -Dawson had learned to pull the cat's tail like he was ADD.
  • Jason has a remote controlled jeep at home. He thought Dawson would like to play with his so he sat him in the middle of the living room and Jason got the jeep out, then made it drive around Dawson. Dawson started screaming. He didn't like the jeep. So I held him and he watched it, but still didn't like it. We did this for several days. Then one day I happened to be video taping when Jason had the jeep out. Dawson looked like he was about to panic as the jeep drove toward him. Then he looked up at me and grinned and grabbed the jeep and started eating the antenna.
  • One time he went 5 days without pooping.
  • The first time I fed him solid food he grabbed the spoon from my hand and gagged himself.
  • There was one day I was giving him a bath and had to change the bath water 3 times because he pooped. Jason does that too.
  • Just recently he has gotten stranger anxiety.
  • He knocks down anything that is stacked.
  • If he's standing at the bookshelf or the cart we have his toys in right now, he doesn't play with anything. Instead, he grabs everything out and throws it on the floor.
  • He is very serious about his food.
  • He's ticklish on his legs and neck.
  • He's learned to throw a fit if he wants something.
  • If he hears the phone ring he gets excited.
Gosh, I guess I could keep going! My hands are getting tired. It's great to have these memories and be able to share them when he gets older. And of course the wedding day blackmail. Thank you God for our sweet precious little boy!

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