Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've been trying to post a picture all afternoon, but the server was down (do you like how I know my internet terms? And I'm not even a nerd!) At least, until now and now I don't have any time to post pictures! So I'm going to just tell this quick story.
I was visiting Dawson over my lunch break, like I always do. There is another boy the same age as Dawson in the infant room, only he (his name is Evan) is a few weeks younger than Dawson. There are 2 walkers in the room, so I stood them both up to the walkers and helped them get started so that they could race. (Aren't I fun?!) The next thing I know, they've only gone a few inches and both boys are throwing a fit because each one wants the other's walker. They are both pushing the same walker and yet trying to knock the other person down so that they can have it.
Before I go, one of the babies in the infant room needs to be in time out. Dawson has "suddenly" learned how to pull his socks off. His teacher told me that on occasion he will take them off and throw them out of is crib. Who is the mother that needs to start disciplining her son?

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