Monday, March 12, 2007

Not a Morning Baby

This time change... it's killing me. Who decided this without calling me first? And whoever it is, does NOT have a baby.
I was actually ambitious to begin my day. Until my alarm went off. Then I laid in bed thinking about how I should get out of bed for about an hour. Eventually I made it out of bed and Jason had to go wake up Dawson. Dawson cried all morning. He needed one more hour of sleep. I drove all the way to work-without any form of natural light (which I just had last week) and when I got Dawson to daycare he little slits for eyes. Then I had to go track down the girl who would be in his room today because his teacher had her last day on Friday. So he was even more upset. Time change AND no teacher. Hmph. Then I came to work and told the girls I work with to get me a shot of coffee and I'll take it straight black! Oh and hook me up with two CC's of worship music. I'll take that intravenously.
God gave me today so that tomorrow will be better.
Here are the last few pictures of Dawson that we had on the camera from the old memory card.

Grandma's magic touch-
I took these the morning of his birthday. I had just told him it was his birthday. His first reaction was "That makes me HOW OLD?" and his second reaction was "just kidding".

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