Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grandpa's Visit


I know I have a lot of catching up to do. Grandpa Greg visited us on Memorial Day. That was a month ago. Here are some pictures and stories from that visit...
Dawson loves to be read to. So by did have a good time with grandpa! Grandpa makes sound effects! Good one's! How do you type sound effects?

I believe this picture was taken the day I had Greg help me sneak sunglasses on Dawson. They are standing in front of our house. I have more pictures from our time together. The day at the park, but I'll post those in another blog. Dawson told me that grandpa looks like Juan Valdez. I wish he would give us free coffee. Speaking of which, Jenessa, where is the "Greg doll"? Jenessa found a  baby doll one time that looked like Juan Valdez/Greg minus the mustache. She scribbled one on it with permanent marker and every now and then Greg gets the doll for Christmas.
Good times with the Wilkins.

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